Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Some of the White Stuff !

Zoretah out in the snow a couple of days ago !  Winter is upon us here ... we are all keeping warm, the snow makes a pleasant change from the mud !!

I have been having problems with my computer trying to upload some photos for the blog.  This has take me hours to get these on.

We have a couple of inches of snow here at the moment ......there is always one who spoils the photo !  Norka is 'piggy in the middle' at least he managed a smile for the camera !!

I spent Sunday afternoon moving haylage up for the cows, incase of bad weather.  Just in time by the looks of things. 

I have managed to take these photos on my phone, the other day when I was out for a walk.  I shall try and get some more photos of the others another day.  We are ticking along here, just taking each day as it comes. The girls and babies enjoying their afternoon out.