Monday, 29 March 2010

Springtime ..... chores !!

There's always do when the sun shines !
The younger boys......can any body spot ........'Norris'

As the weather has been good over the past week....I have managed to catch up on a few thing s that needed to be done, with the alpacas.

I have managed to trim toe-nails....and today it was time for their regular...liver fluke dose. I managed to do the job, quite successfully....without wearing too much on me ! There is always one who is more awkward than the others, today it was Tremona my lighter fawn girl. She is a lovely female, however she is very flighty !

I spent a little time chasing her round the shelter...but I managed to catch her, the last time I tied her up to trim toe-nails..she flung herself on the floor and then sulked....until I had finished, which was good for me. She hates the halter and any thing that goes over her nose. I managed in the end after a couple of attempts.....mind you its not the easiest of task trying to insert the syringe into a permanently moving mouth !

Of course... Norris was also...drenched....after all he thinks he is one of the herd. I thought that he might be a little difficult and I had visions...of me being carried around the barn on his back....but he was ever so good and just stood whilst I dosed him !

It really does make life much easier when your animals are easy to handle.....especially for routine husbandry jobs.....valuable time well spent in my the more time you invest in your animals...the more rewards I think you are re payed back with.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring Time....Sunshine....and Smiles !!

There is a definite....sense...of spring in the air !

The alpacas...are in high spirits, the sun has been shining and it must be official. The girls have been 'pronking' around as evening draws in...and at this rate I think I shall be joining them !....mind you that might be a sight for sore eyes !

It is marvellous just how the sunshine can lift your spirits and spur you on to get a few jobs done. This has been the nicest spell of weather, since the snow. The land is drying up nicely and there are signs of the grass starting to grow.

Things are much more positive and I'm hoping that this is the start of dare I say it a wonderful summer. It is only three weeks till Barnacre Duke comes to stay, from Debbie and Paul in Northumberland....I can't wait to get acquainted..with him !

As April draws will be time for weaning my cria from last year, its hard to believe how quickly this comes round. Also on a moving note, I am hoping to re-introduce the younger boys with the adult males....some may remember, I had to seperate them last year...when Zaninni had his 'little accident'. I do hope that they will accept each other...the boys can be difficult..sometimes. Last year it took me 5 attempts to Zorba was just persecuting him...but we got there in the end.

So....we are starting to enjoying the promise of spring and we are hoping that the sunshine...and smiles continue....maybe my path has just unwind before my very eyes !

Roll on the Summer !

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

In Good Company.....A Birthday Cuddle !!

A Birthday cuddle....with Zeto.

Me and my friends .... enjoying the moment !
Some girls prefer a beauty treatment on their Birthday....!! mud.

If your coming to the have to have a Party Hat !!

A morning...welcome !

This is the second blog for today !!.....

I just thought that I'd take advantage of the fact that I have someone...else to point the camera... and record the Birthday....moment. The sun is shining and we're having an 'Alpaca Party'. We'll actually I'm enjoying the day as usual, with my alpacas and animals....and of course my parents who have came to visit.

So this morning....I got dressed up as usual in the designer overall !! and we enjoyed a little photo shoot !

I do have a nice Birthday cake ! to open a little later with a nice cup of tea !!

How Time Flies.. and things change !!

What a lovely view........
I might be little............but I got a big attitude !!

Double Trouble .............. Nosey !

Ok, ......... folks to day is my Birthday !

Oh ..........if only I was 21 again ! No lie in for me know when, you think to yourself..I'll have a lie in...then wake up at some ridiculous early hour....yes that's me ! This morning I woke at 5.10 am !....Why I wonder.

It raining outside and is quite a miserable day, so no early morning jobs for me !...I'm determined to stay nice and warm till...later. No doubt the alpacas are tucked up nice and warm in their buildings, doing what I should be doing...sleeping !!

How time flies, it is now 4 years since little old Zanzibah Alpacas grew from a pipe dream into reality, I have grown from 4 pet males for my 40th Birthday !! to now having 19 alpacas, 10 girls and 9 boys...including Barnacre Duke...who is on his way North...its only now 4 weeks till he arrives, all being well.

I have experienced both the highs and lows of owning these fantastic creatures ! The rewards are beyond compare and sadly the lows are heart breakingly painful. It has been a very mixed bag of emotions...since the first alpaca walked into my life !

But together we are making that dream a reality come what may !... We are still here, growing steadily year by year. I am looking to my future and I can see over that horizon !

Dreams are for dreamers......!!! But sometimes in life you have to make it happen. Now we might get lost along the way of life's rich path...but ultimately as long as you keep walking in the right direction, then you will get to where your matter how long it takes, and any way....if its a long haul, why not stop and enjoy the view from time to time !

Rome wasn't built in a Day !! ....and every thing comes to he who waits !

So I will continue to enjoy my little Alpaca Adventure.....and there's just one thing that needs to be said.....'Happy Birthday Zanzibah Alpacas'......were still dreaming and the future is still ............'Fine 'n' Fancy' .

Friday, 12 March 2010

Gearing up for Spring...time..Spinning !

Spot the snow......and the alpacas ..
The grass..has been a welcome sight !

Younger boys....and Norris....on the move ..

The weather has been quite kind over the last couple of days...mind you, its still very cold.

We have had a couple of lovely sunny days...and then back to bitter, its in between !!

I have been in touch with a very nice man, who sells and makes Bobbins. Regular readers will recall that my electric...spinning wheel, has only one bobbin. I am hopefully going to have some made...if all goes to plan. I should have three made...that will enable me to spin two up with yarn...then blend direct onto the other bobbin....which will make things much easier....hopefully I should have one spare....for that would be great...see its not an item of extreme torture...after all ...!!

If all goes to plan this will make my life much easier and I should be able to get on with spinning up larger quantities...of fleece...over the spring/summer.

Things are quiet here at the the back is still fragile !. so I'm just doing what I have to....I will catch up later on, when my back this time of year, there are plenty jobs to be getting on with.

I shall be having week, my parents are coming up to see my B' pending....and sadly I'll be another year older....!! and I hope another year wiser !!.. Hopefully they will stay for a couple of weeks and the company will be much appreciated....I'm sure that there will be plenty jobs on the list !!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Fantastic !....

Spins....with ease ....brilliant !
The girls and babies....out today...the snow is melting !! ... Yipee

The older boys....... no snow....

Today I thought that I'd give my new Electric Spinning Wheel a whirl.....its NOT an item of extreme torture...its brilliant.

As my back was slightly improved...I got myself comfortable and thought that I'd just get the feel of the wheel. As I started spinning up some of Zanubis's fleece.. I thought that I'd carry on with the same...its just some second cuts that I had lying around.

The bobbin is much, so I thought that you might like to see the results.

We have had a massive melt over the last couple of days...there have been streams of water running every where over the fields....draining away down to the burn !

I do hope that this is the end of the snow....for this winter... I must admit that the birds have chirped into life in the last couple of days....maybe their celebrating Spring Time !!

I hope so !!

Friday, 5 March 2010

By 'Royal Appointment'.....I'm Getting Ready for the Good Times !!

This is the one I've been waiting for ............

By 'Royal Appointment' .... The 'Duke' and Dutchess of Barnacre are delivering a very special delivery !!

If you haven't guessed it by now....this is the surprise I've been referring to.... I have treated myself to a 'New Boy' in town...well I think I deserve it under the circumstances !!

So, its official...I have secured Barnacre Duke, he is coming up to Scotland...sometime in Spring !

Debbie and Paul from Barnacre Alpacas...are breeding some quality animals...and when I saw him on the Blog...and the mention that he was soon to be sold..well I just couldn't resist him.

He has some fantastic genetics by the renowned....Bozedown Viscount ! Sired by Jolimont Conquistador...... So he is sure to add some quality genetics into my herd....for the future !!

We are now just sorting out the logistics...of the big move to Zanzibah Alpacas..... I can't wait, this is maybe the start of something happen in 2010......Bring it on.....I'm getting Ready for the Good Times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've said 'Good-bye' to the bad !

As Rob would say,.....'To Infinity and Beyond' .... .... ....
Im off to find the Red Carpet !!!

;0)) xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Graced by the Sun !!

Enjoying the mid-day sun....
The younger boys....and Norris....

Bottoms Up ! ......Zeto and Zienna ...... and Zullulah ..

Zullulah ......posing ....the others are far too busy !

The pussy cats...have also found some sunshine to enjoy !...

What a beautiful day, the sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky. Which makes a wonderful difference.

All the animals are enjoying this glorious day, lazing around and they even have found grass to graze. We still have a little bit of snow, which is lingering on the fields. The bright sunny day really does lift your spirits and hopefully, this might be what we've all been waiting for.....Spring to have Sprung !!

It has been a long winter and I will be glad to see the end of this season, I'm looking forward to seeing the Daffodils sprouting into life, in the garden.

I have been taking it easy over the past couple of days, as I have strained my back, so I'm trying to do just what I have to !!....I can't afford to be laid up.....who's gonna look after me !

So, I was out having a walk around the field today, needless to say I took the camera for a few photos......hope you like them.

I am hopefully going to give my electric Spinning Wheel a whirl.....a little later on, just depends on if I can sit comfortably.....long enough !!...

Roll on the Spring ........I'm hoping this is the start of the better weather and the end of all that snow !