Friday, 31 October 2008

Nice and Cosy !!!!!!!........ over here !!!

We have had proper winter weather, although not as much snow as some.....not too far from us....the prestigious Coire Alpacas have experienced, more snow than us, we are bit further east !! nearer the coast.

Although, my alpacas are oficially classified as 'soft', not having to cope with the winter sleet, hail and snow showers, I know these animals are hardy, but tell that to this lot, not one desire to venture out into the winter blizzards..

So here we are nice and cosy!! in the shelter...where else would you find any self-respecting alpaca ?

Friday, 24 October 2008

We have had Visitors !!!!

We have had more visitors today, checking out the Alpacas, and enjoying some 'hands-on' experience with my boys.

Anne and Richard came to visit us and see our coloured Alpacas, with their family, I think they all enjoyed spending time with the animals and getting to know them.

We even took they younger boys down the track for a little walk !!..

Zeuss was walked by Charis, Mirian lead Zaninni and Anne toiled with Zerquo, he's a little finicky on the lead, but everyone did very well.

I think the experience was enjoyed by all !

Anne, even left with some fleece, to spin with, I expect it will be turned into some luxury garment by the next time I see them all.

Have you 'herd' the one about the Horned Alpaca !!

Do you think that there could be such a thing !!....a Horned Alpaca...Great Fleece yield and Horns !!!....sounds to good to be true, well take a look for yourself. he's not quite got the crimp and comfort factor, but he's impressive, have to agree with me....

My name is Haggis, Im a Highland Coo (cow) for the English people !!...I'm 12 years old and I'm a pet !!! friend is Dougal, 6 years old and he's the baby in this photo !!....Handsome Chaps , you have to admit it.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Lazy Days in Good Company !!

Its a hard life in the Alpaca World !!

Time Flies - In Good Company !!

Coire Alpacas Alpacas

Today was one of those lovely days, when you meet nice people talking Alpacas, just not enough hours in the day. Time passes so quickly and we didn't even have the time to eat the cheesecake !!.... To busy chewin'the fat !!

But never the less, the company was good and we had a lovely day, it was nice to see that the journey wasn't to demanding on Finlay, and Sorcha definately enjoyed seeing the chickens and Mr Lurkey !! pet Turkey !!, not to mention Sarah Bonnet...shes a ledgend in the hen-house !!

Unfortunately, I didn't even get my camera out to record the event, too busy in the kitchen with my pinny on !!

So you'll have to make do with some other photos !!..

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Growing Up Fast !

I just thought i'd update some photos of this years new arrivals, boy don't they grow up fast, although, I suspect its all fleece !!...theres still a baby in there..

We've been preparing for the winter months ahead, moved the girls and babies into their winter field, although they do get a bit lost in the 10 acres !!..... all enjoying the space and can get some speed up across the field, another excuse to stand and watch them gracefully running about.

The babies are also enjoying the larger field, playing and chasing eachother, but winter is definately round the corner and the nights are drawing in, time to turn up the heating !, and to be thankful for that big fury fleece !!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Homeopathy for Alpacas.....It really works !!....

I just thought I'd share my experiences with you regarding 'Homeopathy'. I myself have used this form of treatment, for most of my animals, Chickens, Dogs, Horses and of course my Alpacas ..........with really great results.

I have used homeopathy remedies, independent of conventional medicines and also used them alongside conventional medicine to treat problems ranging from skin problems 'sarcoptic mange' to abscesses those dreaded abscesses !

'Silicea' is used to treat abscesses, it targets the abscess causing it to ripen, it also promotes suppuration and is valuable for chronic conditions where there is a long standing infection.

'Silicea' is a tissue salt and is essential for growth and development.

Dosage used are 6c and 30c depending on condition.

Usually one tablet/pillules three times a day for between 7/14 days, but DO NOT touch the tablets as you interfere with the potency !! Put into feed, the pillules are so small, they get eaten without being noticed !!

There is a very good article on the web relating to Homeopathy and Alpacas/Animals you can find it at California Alpacas.

If you are dealing with a particular horrible illness it might be worth a try, you'll never know if you don't give it a try.

If you are disillusioned with conventional medicine it might be the way forward. After all it was evolved by a German scholar/Chemist over 200 years ago.

Homeopathic remedies are 'safe' to use, free from side-effects and environmentally friendly.

You can use them alongside conventional medicines without any conflict !!

I can only speak from my own experiences with Homeopathy, I have found that it really works, you just have to try it......why not ....nothing ventured.....nothing gained !! they say!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Christmas is coming........... I couldn't resist this picture !!

Christmas is coming.......we have just got the winter feed sorted for the Alpacas, and you just got to believe that its only 3 months to on a festive note.

I could not resist sharing this picture with you, I know.....its silly, but you just have to sometimes !!.........Make the most of your fury friends.....we were getting into the Christmas Spirit last year........Have you got your 'Party Hat'. Zanzibah Zaninni has !!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My.....Zanzibah....'Alpaca Mnemonic' !!

A .....wonderful


P......recious Camelid

A......dorable to


A.......pleasure to own !!

Just a little Mnemonic I have devised .....thought id share it with you !!......Hope you like it and the famous Zanzibah Logo !!

Zanzibah Alpacas welcome this years New Arrivals !!

Just a few photos of this years new arrivals, Zanzibah Zanubis, Rose Grey Male born July and Zanzibah Zakhura, Jet Black Female born Sept.

We are watching these beautiful babies grow, day by day. Hope you enjoy the photos, just minutes old ! Taking their first steps ! and finding their feet !!