Saturday, 28 March 2009

We have had a busy Day....Wrestling with Highland Coows!!

Well, today has been quite a busy and tiring day..... I had to collect my Blue Tongue Vaccinations for the animals that thave to be vaccinated, here in Scotland the Cows/Sheep/Goats are compulsory....however the alpacas are on a voluntary basis. The cows/goats and alpacas require two injections one month apart.

The alpacas were very well behaved indeed, I even managed to vaccinate they boys all by myself, with the use of the halter and using the lead rope assisted tie I have devised.

The most worrying to deal with were the 'Big Boys'.....the Highland Cows !!!.....after some head scratching and various plans and construction with several steel gates, we managed to sort out a holding pen !.....Haggis the older cow is lovely, he is a real gent, no problem there, I walked over to him lying in the field and injected him without any problems or any restraints.......However the problem is Dougal...known as the delinquent !...he is a different kettle of fish cut a long story short, we managed after several attempts to herd the cows down into the large barn.

After alot of huffing and puffing, sweating and anxious moments we managed to get the job done, there were a couple of scary moments, to say the least...and the contraption that we made held up to the job very well. When you have a tonne plus of not happy cow jumping about, that's the time you are hoping the equipment stands up to the job.......thankfully it did !! just a little bit of swearing thrown into the mix !! for good measure.
I can't wait to do it all again in four weeks time !!......I'm in the process of making a more professional holding area, something a little safer, as this looks like its going to be a regular vaccination.....!!.....unfortunately.

We are all shattered, after our exciting/worrying day. The alpacas were a real pleasure to handle thankfully, the energy levels were a little drained after our Highland ordeal....!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some like it Hot....

Some like it hot, apparently, however I know that there are some followers of this blog who question my sanity, but this post has been inspired by Debbie of Barnacre Alpacas. So its not just me who does this sort of thing. I know one would ask the question, do I have nothing else to do, but believe you me there is method in my madness.

Yes, I'm talking about Alpaca Poo.....briquettes, for the fire, when I saw the Countryfile episode with Barnacre Alpacas, I saw Debbie making very good use of her alpaca poo, so I was inspired to do the same. I have an endless supply of poo from different sources ranging from, alpacas, horses, cows and take your pick !

I have been making my press today and could not resist the first go, so off I toddled into the field for a first it worked no problems, now I know some are thinking by now, how could you want to do this, volunteering to pick up poo.....but in a strange way I really enjoyed it, not smelly, it was quite pleasant if the wind was not blowing a gale, I had more trouble struggling to keep the plastic bin liner under control than anything else.

So here are some photos of the result.....I shall tell you how it burns when it has dried take your pick........Roasted, Sizzling or just Burn it.......on the begs the question...some like it hot !!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Feast your eyes on this !....My Birthday Present !

Look at this, its a hand carved unique walking stick, hand carved by my father who is a 'stickmaker'. Some readers will remember that I mentioned the stick making on a previous blog.

I did say that I had requested an 'Alpaca' walking stick made by my father, I was told that I had no chance, it is !!!!!!!!

I was presented with this beautiful walking stick when I visited, I took it to show Debbie at Barnacre alpacas, she thought it was lovely. This is something which I will cherish for many years to come.

A very Big 'Thank-you' to my Mam and Dad.

Barnacre Alpacas......Golden Guinea !

Here is Golden Guinea, one of the stud males at Barnacre Alpacas in Northumberland. He really is the complete package. Handsome looks, fine fleece and superb temperament.

Also a little picture of Eubank....the little pet lamb, he is famous you know after his little television appearance on Countryfile.

Also more alpaca pictures of my lovely day visiting Debbie, at Barnacre Alpacas. Thank-you for the fantastic day we all really enjoyed it.

'Barnacre Brilliance'

The blog has been sleepy whilst I've had a little 'jolly' visit to see my parents, regular followers will know that I have been trying to see them for a couple of months. However with the problems I have had with Zonda, I haven't been able to go.

However, Zonda is on the mend, so I decided to take a chance and go. I haven't been over the wall into England for about 3 years.....I don't go out much !

I was really looking forward to meeting Debbie at Barnacre Alpacas near to Morpeth, Northumberland. Barnacre Alpacas featured on Countryfile last week, so I was looking forward to seeing all the alpacas and Eubank ! the little pet lamb.

I had a fantastic day, Im sure Debbie thought I was a little mad, however we had similarities I couldn't help noticing!.. I wonder if this is an alpaca thing or it might just be us !...I fell in love with Hughie, I think the feeling was mutual ! fact I fell in love with lots of little woolly, fury and feathered faces on my visit.

I have lots of lovely photos to show you so here goes. If Barnacre alpacas ever venture over the borders into Scotland and Debbie can manage the Forth Road Bridge crossing.....I would love to return the favour.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Just a little 'Hello' from Zaninni to Anna !

This is just a little picture of Zaninni, as he is admired by Anna, so I thought she might have missed him from her visit last week.

Also a little picture of Zakhura assuming the position !.....all alpaca owners will know that they do not like to rush the job !

So here she is..... and here's the takes hours sometimes....

Happy Birthday to ME !!.....

Well, I guess you have noticed that it was my Birthday today, I know I am now middle aged !!!.....however, the reality is that I am still a little girl at heart !..

So, not only does this mean that I reached the grand old age of mmmmmm 43!!. But it also means that Zanzibah Alpacas was now officially established for more than 3 years, as I got my first alpacas for my 40th Birthday present.

Oh, how time I spent the day with my animal friends, it was a lovely sunny day up here in Scotland, needless to say I also took some photos to record the day.

I treated my self to some Birthday cake and received lots of lovely cards and presents, I was even surprised by my present from John, I have mentioned before, that I would love a bow and archery set, and guess what, exactly...that's what I got,a 'take-down' bow so Robin Hood, move over, I've been out dusting off the Life Insurance Policy, just to make sure its still valid.......the targets were placed on the straw bales, and guess who was up for the competition, to get the first arrow in the Gold.....and guess who did,
ME.....exactly, now keep it a secret but don't tell anyone, that it might have been a fluke, there was lots of skill involved, I couldn't possibly tell you what I did, coz I don't exactly know.......what I did.

But the main thing is that I WON !!!!!...on my Birthday !!!....what a lovely way to spend your time, enjoying the spring sun with nothing else to do, but treat yourself to a day off.....

Here are a few more of the photos of the day, including some of the Alpacas enjoying the sunshine, and one of me dressed as usual !! my Glad Rags..!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Off Duty !.....

Just a little blog and photos of the pussy cats caught off Duty...after a night out on Patrol around the farm....All the cats love to get into the alpaca building on a morning, as the sun shines most of the day in there...once the building is empty it is taken over by the pussy cats...catching 40 winks !!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Alpacas meet ...... Anna.. !!

We had a visit from a friend today who lives down the road from us. Anna came to meet the alpacas, I think that she was taken by them, especially Zaninni, he can sweet talk any young lady !!...with one look from those big beautiful eyes !!

We talked knitting, spinning, even managed to get the spinning wheel out for a demonstration ! I think that she really enjoyed the 'Alpaca Experience'

Needless to say, the alpaca hand crocheted garments made an appearance, we had fleece out to compare and numerous cups of tea!! ...and cakes of course.

So, I can't think of a better way to spend a few hours, any excuse not to do the 'housework'...too busy Alpaca-ing About.

Zonda Update !!

We have a bit of good news, Zonda was at the vets yesterday and it appears that things have improved with time, the damaged muscle seems to be repairing, hopefully this means that we will not have to go through another operation.

The vet was very pleased with Zonda's progress, she has also put on some weight, 2kg in a we are hopeful that things have turned the corner with Zonda and will continue to carry on that way.

So.....we are 'nearly out of the woods', but I'm not counting my chickens just yet!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Not out of the woods ......Yet !

This is a little update regarding Zonda, my Dogue de Bordeaux. We were at the vets on Monday, as things were not as they should be !

Zonda has developed a large lump where her surgery was. So off to the vets, it appears that somehow the vet thinks that her muscle has broken down around the surgery site. She has been scanned to check for any abnormalities. Its difficult to tell and the vet would like her to gain more condition before we contemplate any more investigative surgery again..

We have to take her back on Monday for another check-up, we are still trying to gain some condition onto Zonda, but its taking some time, the vet is concerned that if things do not settle down naturally, we might have to face another operation !

I hope not, but I get the feeling we are not out of the woods just yet!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Small....But Mighty Return !!...Glorious !!

This is just a little blog to Congratulate all at the Mighty Patou Alpacas, as they return Glorious...festooned with Ribbons.

It must be a marvellous feeling to be placed highly in the rankings of the giants in the alpaca world...

I am so pleased for you just goes to might be a small breeder, however, mighty in the achievement at the Alpaca Futurity !!!!

Well Done.....still smiling...I don't blame you, I think that smile could last a while yet..