Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another Beautiful Day.....and Alpacas

Zeto...out today enjoying the sun..
She's a sweetie....little Zienna !

Treble trouble.....Zeto, Zullulah and Zienna. This years babies.

If you gotta an itch, you gotta scratch it !!. Tremona posing as usual. Ou la la !!

And...... we're off !! .......... some where !

What another glorious day, the weather is smiling on us and the sun is shining on us !up here in Scotland.

So needless to say, the babies were once again enjoying the weather, no coats required.....all the animals were out enjoying this beautiful weather. So I decided to take a couple of pictures of the alpacas....well who can resist the temptation...not me !!

I know that this weather won't last so you just have to enjoy it while you can.

Tonight, I had a lovely treat, the new girls Trienza (Dark Fawn) and Tremona (Light Fawn) are partial to a 'Polo' mint. When I purchased them, It was mentioned that they both appreciated a Polo !, Trienza is much more confident, she will take it out out your hand if you hold the mint between your thumb and fore finger. Tremona is more reluctant and a little more hessitant, however tonight I thought that I'd try her to see if she would pluck up the courage to take it from me, normally you have to drop it, just in front of her and she will pick it up off the floor.

Not tonight !!!!!..... I held the Polo out to her and she plucked up the courage to take it from was lovely, what a treat for both of us...she is getting more confident around me... I have had these girls for four months.... How time flies !

They have settled into their new home very well, I think..

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A lovely Sunny Day.... & .....Zeto is bursting out !

Trienza, Tremona in high spirits with baby Zullulah !
Baby Zeto...

Zienna, Zullulah and Minstrel enjoy the lovely sunny day.

Zienna and Zeto ....playing !

Today was a lovely sunny day, apparently this time last year it was bitterly cold with snow ! The weather men reminded us today on the local T.V. forecast.

It was so nice that the babies were out without coats, when I went down to see them this morning, baby Zeto was without his coat, he had literally burst out of it. I think that he has out grown it, the velcro and straps were on their more adjustment !! He is now nearly 6 weeks old (Thursday) so I think that he will be without his bedtime coat. I will still be putting the turn-out coats on the babies. There is quite a bit of adjustment on these, so they should last for a while. It just helps to keep the rain off, especially at this time of year, when the weather is not so good.

All the babies are growing fast, I shall be weighing them this week just to keep an eye on their progress.

However, going off their coats, you can clearly see that all three are getting bigger !! Especially if you take a look at what they looked like when they were born. The coats looked massive....... now the bed time coats are getting a bit tight !!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Routine Health Care and Vaccinations

Zaninni, (left).....Zerquo and Zanubis, expolring their new field.
Some of the girls, with the babies. Zakhura is watching the boys !!

This weekend as the alpacas have been coming in over night due to the miserable weather, I thought that I'd take advantage of this and do the rest of my Lambivac injections for the boys. The girls were vaccinated in September, so that they would be covered for passive transfer for their crias. I usually inject before this, but I thought that this year I would bring my vaccinations in line with the one month before due date, which means that I do not have to vaccinated the cria within the first couple of days of arrival.

I have also been doing the Fasinex oral drench, which is used deal with Liver Fluke.... there has been quite alot of debate regarding this, whether to treat for Liver Fluke or not. But I think that it is best to protect the alpacas against any risk of this disease. Especially if you have wet pasture, as the summers have not been really dry or even long to mention. We have a couple of wet areas on the farm where reeds grow, so I think that its best to caution on the safer side than the sorry one !! I shall be repeating this drench until spring, which will deal with the main target times of the fluke. So fingers crossed we should be all up to date with the routine injections and other treatments for the onset of the winter months.

Zeuss's leg continues to improve, but it is not completely healed by any stretch of the imagination. He is still on antibiotics and liquid Devils Claw. We are also still using Teramycin spray, for any risk of outside infection. It doesn't seem to be bothering him at all, he is running around and behaving normally he has a good appetite and appears to be unaffected by it. The swelling is coming down and there is no more heat in his leg, which is good. So I think that it will just take time to heal. Its a pity that I don't know exactly what happened, but I suppose that's just typical.

The babies are all doing fine, they have all been out today for a run around, I think that the girls have been mud bathing, as when they came in for bed-time you would think that someone had been mud wrestling with them.... they were covered from top to toe in mud !!

Zienna is one month old today, little Zullulah is just three weeks old gone Friday and baby Zeto is five weeks old as of Thursday. Its hard to believe that these little ones have been here for over a month now, all are growing well and we will be having a little weigh in this week. Just to keep an eye on their progress.

Winter is round the corner, the leaves are rapidly disappearing off the trees and now that the clocks have 'gone back' the dark winter nights are creeping in. Time to get that spinning wheel out and the knitting needles !!.. I think.

Friday, 23 October 2009

New Hat and Scarf .... is finished !

Latest creation....
Hand spun, hand knitted, 'Flower Beanie' ....Hat and matching scarf.

When I took the photo's I had two garden was raining at the time and Diesel thought that he would take some shelter under the bush in the garden !!

The usual model ....

This is my latest creation.

I have been spinning some of Tremona's ( Light Fawn) fleece combined with Zeuss (White). Its a real pleasure to be able to create something quite unique from the animals that you own. I get a real sense of pleasure and satisfaction, being able to make use and enjoy the whole process from start to finish.
I have made this without any pattern, I have just created it as I went along, with a few ideas...that I thought I would experiment with.

I have made a couple of 'Beret' style hats, so I thought that I would make a 'Beanie' style for a change. With a matching scarf for those cold wintry days.

I think that the finished hat and scarf set looks very nice, this is the first time that I have blended lighter colours together. I do like to make individual items, I try not to make the same thing twice. I think that its nice to have something unique.
I had a couple of little garden helpers... do you ever get the feeling you're being watched !

Now you see you don't !!

Zeuss's leg continues to improve. field

Last one to the gate is a sissy !!

Just thought that I'd show you all that Zienna has got the idea....after her slow start.

Its Friday today, the weather is not much better, however I decided to move the boys into their new field. They have been in this field before so they know the run.

I decide to move them because they have run out of grass in their little paddock. I had to separate the boys this summer, if you remember Zaninni got a rather nasty injury. I think that it was one of the older boys who was responsible. Also I had to introduce Zanubis, so I decided to do the two jobs at once. As Zaninni was recovering from his ordeal.

However this little paddock is only usually used for weaning and its only about half an acre at the most, so it hasn't done bad.

All the alpacas are out today although it is still quite miserable. I thought that I'd take the camera out and take a few pictures.

I have also been finishing off the hat and scarf that I have been busy knitting, I designed it all by myself, without the hint of a pattern !! I think that its turned out quite nicely.

Just what you need for these damp Autumn days. To keep you nice and snug !

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Raining.....cats and dogs !!...not alpacas.....

I thought that today I would move the younger boys into the 10 acre field !....well the weather has put a stop to that !

It is totally miserable here today, so needless to say I have not moved the boys at all. All the alpacas are having a day in. So although they thought that they wanted to go out, I think with the babies, even today with coats on its not a good idea.

I am also having a day at home !....sitting in front of the fire, although I must say, the dogs are in the top spot....curled up in front of the fire... I will probably end up doing a bit of knitting. Even the cat is refusing to venture out today...he's battened down the hatches also, refusing to get wet.

At this rate the leaves will be off the trees, autumn is here....winter is just round the corner, time to get those alpaca woollies out !

Friday, 16 October 2009

Three Little Ducks !!

Trienza....keeps the babies company.
Are we glued together !...

Yesterday was a much colder day than the previous one. Needless to say the babies were snug wearing their coats, we even had a little shower of rain at one point.

They say, two's company, three's a crowd. That didn't seem to bother the babies !.. they all decided to lie down right next to each other. Its lovely just to see them interacting together.

They grow so quickly, it won't be long before baby Zeto is too big for his bed-time coat !

Zeuss's leg is slightly improved. The swelling has reduced and there is not as much heat in his leg. He is still on antibiotics and pain relief. We are still bathing it to try and remove the infection. This will take some time, as it has been very nasty. I hope that he will make a full recovery in time.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A little bit of Friendship, goes along way !

We are having an Alpaca Moment !!....
Baby Zienna.....without her coat ..

Zullulah and Zienna....

My gal !.....she's a real sweetie at the moment....

A little bit of Alpaca love ... you just can't beat it....

Some regular readers will know the name of my resident spitter ! how things change.

She is known far and wide, but I have to tell you all, she is an absolute delight at the moment. The reason being is she is not pregnant, the exact same thing happened last year after she had her baby. I have been waiting for the change, to see if the same thing happened and it has.

We have been sharing 'alpaca moments' recently. So I thought that I'd take my camera out and try to record the moment. Its a bit difficult when you are trying to do everything at once, but I managed in a fashion. We had a lovely moment in the field today. If you go over to see her and stand long enough, she will come over to you and sit at your feet. You then are invited to have a cuddle ! we did. Minstrel will sit there happily for as long as you do, its really quite sweet. Little Zienna even came over to see what we were doing.

It was such a lovely warm day today, the babies were out and about without their coats on !

On a slightly different note, Zeuss's bad leg has ruptured into a nasty abscess, I can only guess that he has injured it last week when I opened the gate for a little extra grazing. Sadly the younger ones spent more time charging around at the gate greeting the older boys. We are treating it with anit-biotics, homeopathy and dressing it at the moment. These abscesses can be really nasty, his leg is very swollen, however the heat has calmed down a little and I have managed to drain some of the infection out, no doubt I will be repeating this until things improve. He is also on some pain relief. So I hope that he is a bit more comfortable than a couple of days ago. He is walking around normally, and eating, but I shall be keeping a very close eye on him.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Trienza, Tremona and the Pussy Cat !

The beautiful.... Tremona

The young girls.....
The the pussy cat !..... can you ?

As you know alpacas are very curious creatures, there is a certain fascination they share with the resident pussy cats !!...

They often spot the cats a mile away, here is Slinky sharing a moment with Trienza, Tremona and Zakhura, all these girls are just over a year old....they have formed a little girl in numbers !

Who is watching who ! ... can you see Zakhura !!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A little weigh in !!

Zerquo...brown boy, Zeuss....white boy...summer time 09
Girls and babies enjoying the winter sun..

Today we did a little weigh in, all the babies are heading in the right direction. Zeto has gained a little. he is now at 5.95kgs, he was 5.75 born. Only a small gain, but that's ok, Zienna has also gained a little she is now at 5.75kgs, she was 5.5kg born. Zullulah has also gained the same amount, she is also at 5.75kgs, so the three babies have all put on the same amount of weight over the past week.

Which is good. A little often is better than not at all. I do believe that the coats help them maintain their body temperature, which in return helps them to thrive. As the babies are late born, I think that they need all the help they can get, for the first few months of life.

My youngest white boy Zeuss, has strained himself a couple of days ago. I think that it was because he had been tearing about, as I opened the gate in between the fields into the track, for a little bit of extra grazing. They spent most of the time checking out the older boys on the other side of the fence. I have given him some 'No Bute'...Liquid Devils Claw, just to help him, I have used it before and I think it helps. It really works on the horses and the cows ! so why shouldn't it do the same for the alpacas.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Two weeks old Today !

Enjoying the winter's day ..

Zullulah ..... the youngest baby. She will be one week old tomorrow (friday 9.10.09)
Zienna and her mother, Minstrel. We have had a spit free week !!

Zeto, he has trouble written all over him ! .... Typical Boy.

How time flies....Baby Zeto in 2 weeks old today....he's a chunky little fella.

Zienna is nearly two weeks old she is doing really well and is keeping up with the others no problem. Its really lovely to watch them when I turn them out on a morning, they all run around at top speed. Even little Zullulah joins in, she will be one week old on Friday.

Its marvellous, just how fast these babies grow. The weather has been kind to them for the first couple of weeks, although they do have their coats on. Just to stop any wind chill.

I can tell already who is growing just by the fit of the coats. Its hard to believe that they are all wearing the same size coat !!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Few more Pictures !

Zanzibah Zakhura....last years little girl ! ...a real sweetie
The owl box !.... I don't think there's any owls in there !....... sadly. I have heard them on a night time in the wood, some where !

Little ..... Big .... Trouble ! .... Zeto

The girlies ....

As it was such a lovely day on Sunday, I got a little carried away with the camera....although I did enjoy the photo opportunity nearly as much as the alpacas...... !!....

There is always one who likes to get up close and this case it's little black female that was born last year....she is a real sweetie, mind you the new girls are also lovely......I think that both the new girls are fascinated by the new arrivals. Tremona is a real tease at the moment !.... whilst Trienza is a bit of a mischief regularly find her hanging onto the tail of one of the babies !!

Autumn is definitely here, the nights are much more chilly. The dark nights are just around the corner.....I was out with the dogs this morning and heard a gaggle of Canada Geese flying ahead.... what a lovely sight.....needless to say I wished them well.....'Fly Swift, Fly Safe' !....I always wish them well.

I am feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so I have a bit of time to do another blog. The animals are all tucked up in bed !.... and I'm sitting by a lovely roaring fire. You just never know what the next day will bring !...I'm so pleased that Zienna has continued to improve and that I am not required at the moment. It was definitely the best thing to do, to intervene when she failed to respond to her mum when she was born....its always a bit of a dilemma whether to interfere or not, just in case you do more harm that good. But looks like it was the right decision in this case.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Origin of Zanzibah !...

Zanzibah Zeto .... little nibble !

The Zanzibah Alpaca Logo
I have been requested to explain the Zanzibah origin by Apple Vale Alpacas...well now there's a long story !............mmmm....and a slightly shorter version. So here goes.

I shall try not to bore you, in a nutshell. I just thought it up one day, I have a some might call weird, colourful imagination, others who know me think that I'm quite simply 'mad' in a nice sort of way...I have been told.

Also I decided that I like the name and with my imagination I decided that I could combine an alpaca out of the name and create my little logo that I have also designed. Just for you who haven't seen it here it is !!...

As for the 'Z' names.... I guess you could say that I'm just on a bit of a 'Z' theme at the moment, it might pass one day I eventually run out of ideas... strangely I just make them up as I go and the ones I like I mentally log !...but for Zullulah...I have waited over three years for a little girl to take this name...I thought it would never happen....I've had a few boys you see and last year, my little girl born I decided to call her Zakhura...! I didn't get any more girls, so I had to wait !

Zanzibah Zullulah ...

Marquette and her new baby..... Zanzibah Zullulah !
Just 2 days old ..

I'll get the hang of these lovely long legs ..... soon !

Zullulah, all wrapped up, nice and snug !

I would like to introduce you all to Zanzibah Zullulah .. she is now 2 days old. I have waited over three years to put this name to a baby, so here she is.... Zanzibah Zullulah. I think it suits her.

Baby Pictures....

A lovely sunny, but cold day ..... we're all wrapped up nice and snug !

Minstrel on baby-sitting duties .....
Do I have to get up !

About time too, now I know who my mammy is ...

Honestly, I'm the biggest here .... !!

Just a little selection of baby pictures taken today, it is a lovely sunny day although the wind is quite cold.

I thought I'd take the opportunity of taking a few more pictures of the new arrivals, out in the field with the girls.