Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!

Its Christmas Time once again and may I take this opportunity to wish all those who happen to visit us, a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  Lets hope that the New Year is a good one !  I must say I shall be pleased to see the back of 2013.

Pharaoh & Phoenix  braving the winter morning .... but look who's been sleeping in the chicken shed, and caused a bit of a stir when he left ...... Pocus !! 
The Peacocks weren't happy and did not want to go inside ... then Pocus appeared and all returned to calm ....

Just take a look at this photo, I managed to take the other day when I was sitting in the conservatory.  I couldn't believe it and was amazed at what was in the sky .... might this be the Christmas Spirit ..... I wonder ..... how magical, the sky just captivated me .... I wonder if anyone else noticed this that day !!

Now ... yesterday when \I was out shopping ... just look what I found .... aren't they gorgeous, this got me thinking... as you do !  I thought a few of these would look great roaming around Zanzibah Land .....????

The Reindeer were attracting a crowd and we stood ages admiring them.

This is the only Reindeer I could find....a one on the Christmas Tree.....
May you all have a Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !
Lets hope 2014 is an Extra Good One ... & that Santa has managed to bring all your heart's desire ...

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Winter is here !

Pharaoh and Phoenix having a drink today
This week we have been battered by gales freezing temperatures, power cuts and snow.  The Peacocks are growing fast, they have started to change colour and their tail feathers are growing long and have started to trail on the ground. 

The fire is now fitted in the conservatory.  I have made a stone plinth and rendered the blocks.  I just have to paint them and finish off the flooring.  Its lovely to have a roaring fire to keep you warm and it does throw out lots of heat.

Phoenix is standing in the water trough which is frozen but there was a drip from the roof and they both stayed there ages having a nice cold drink.

That's my boy ... Haggis is watching me as I take the dogs for a walk up the track ... he is my pal and is extra special.  The cows have been tucking into their bale of haylage over the past couple of days as the temperatures tumble.

This was a test run before the rendering and the protective heat resistant sheeting around the walls.... I decided to fit before the fire melted the conservatory.  I have now managed to sort out the telly in here so we can have a choice over the festive season .... when my parents visit.  We now have all the mod cons .... I'm spending more time in there than the house !!

Little Zymerah and Zucco ... out today its been freezing here but there is still plenty of grass to nibble.  The girls have a routine spending a couple of hours in the field before they retreat to the little paddock and their haylage, then its in for bedtime .... and a quick story !! before lights out.

The snow has nearly gone but we have been covered with hailstones, the ground is frozen today the gales have settled.  We were battered by 80mph gales a couple of days ago, thankfully we survived, but we did have a power cut from 5pm Thursday evening right through till 11am Friday morning.  It was freezing in the house with no heating but both fires were lit ... I had an early night with my thermals .... needless to say.

Doza is now much bigger ... he has put on quite a bit of condition and I think he has grown quite a bit in height since I got him.  This is him out this afternoon having a little walk up the track.