Wednesday, 30 January 2013

We have Wind !!

We are being battered by the wind here, most of the snow has now melted. which is good.  This is a view up to the farm last week.  The winds are estimated at 60/80 mph and don't we know it.  I have locked up all the barns and the alpacas have spent today inside as it was just far to dangerous to try and open the doors today to let them out !  I'm sure they don't mind as its quite cosy,it has given me a chance to catch up with the worming for the whole herd.  At this time of year we use Combinex, which covers both regular worms and Fluke.

I couldn't resist this photo.... if you have an itch ... well you just gota scratch it !  Norka out on his walk the other week.  He stopped in mid trot sat down and had a good old scratch !!

This is Zakhura and her cria Zazu last week going out.  He is a lovely colour just like his dad.  Zazu is the first male cria to be born here sired by Zanubis.

Zimushka (f) and Zanto (r), these two are brother and sister, if you hadn't guessed .......we have three just like this ..... Zeto he is the oldest of my home bred greys born here.  It will be very interesting to see if this year .... we get a fourth one just like it. 

This is Zirdar, he is half brother to Zirrius ..... can you spot the similarities !!  Marquette is behind, he baby Zodo is nowhere to be seen.

I am little late at weaning this year, mainly to do with the weather, I'm hoping in a week or so I will sort out the arrangements .....I'm hoping to give the little paddock a bit of time to dry out, before I turn the babies in there.  As its just far too wet at the moment after all the snow.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Seven Year Itch !!

It is hard to believe that we are approaching 7 years since we first set out on our alpaca adventure.  Lots have happened since then and I think its fare to say that we have grown a bit.  This is a photo of the girls two days ago tucking into their new bale of haylage....whilst the snow fell. I decided to put a bale out in the paddocks for everyone as the snow looked like is was going to be here for a while !  Even though all the alpacas come in every night to more haylage inside.

The boys on the same day also tucking into their haylage..... we have had more snow and we are forecast to have more on 
Friday night.

Duke, Stravinsky and Zeto waiting to come in for bedtime.  The boys all line up at the gate around dusk.  

This is a view from the younger boys paddock .... remember me .....cutie pants Zirrius he is a really gorgeous boy and has stayed very friendly indeed.  Zirrius will be two years old this year, but he is still as delicious as he was when he was a baby !  Rufus, Max and Hamish are also enjoying the new bale.  

Guess who ........ has snow on his nose .... Norka.  A quick photo when we were out for a walk before my mam and dad went home at the weekend.

The piggies having a little winter walk around the wood ..... I'm sure they think that they are dogs !!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Melancholy Moments ....

We have been a little quiet and lacking in motivation lately, however I have forced myself to write a blog.  I have been in quite melancholy place for sometime and I feared that if I left it any longer ... I just might not get back into the swing of it. 

They say that time is a great healer and I know this .... however it also takes time to come to terms with the trials and tribulations that life has to throw at you.  Acceptance is also something that takes time you can't rush these things.

We had quite a sad Christmas time here again,  which has been the reason for not having the desire to write any blogs.  

Many regular readers will know that we have been trying to treat Zirrianna, as she had developed a very nasty skin problem, we had been treating this for most of last year.  Unfortunately, things didn't improve and she became quite ill a couple of days before Christmas.  I was left with no real option as she was obviously not going to recover.  Ironically her face was improving but other problems must have been underlying. This was my very last resort and after a very long battle, we failed to get a happy ending .... I had to make the hardest decision, the one you never want to ..... but know you have to ! 
Sadly Zirrianna was put to sleep, she was just a baby .... only a year and a half old.  This was not the way I thought it would be.  She will never be forgotten and will hold a special place in my heart..

We have been coming to terms with our ordeal.  I have often asked myself the biggest question of all .....'Why'

Its at times like this that you feel like just throwing the towel in, then you take a look around at all your lovely animals .. who put a smile on your face and the question is answered.  I know that lots of people go through the same dilemma.  It never gets any easier.   

We are looking forward to a happier new year .... we will battle on and continue to get pleasure from the happy times and maybe in time we can look back and learn from this.  

The only consolation is .... we tried our best, but sometimes even your best .... just isn't good enough.

We are currently under a blanket of snow here and more is forecast for tomorrow .... the waters are frozen and its definitely wintry, the alpacas are enjoying their haylage and the rest from the mud.