Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas....from Zanzibah Land !!

A Christmas Kiss....!!

We started with a quickly turned to chaos !!

Two escapees !!.....Duke and Zeto !!

Merry Mam and Dad (Santas...helpers)

Well its hard to believe that its nearly Christmas already !

As Rosemary threw the gauntlet down....for a festive field shelter.....some of us have tried to do a bit of a festive theme......and along with those who have taken part...have had trials and tribulations....trying to create a festive blog !

Great minds think alike and after having a bit of a read of the blogs.....Barbara at Beck Brow obviously had the same idea as us .....not a festive field shelter, but a festive theme of sorts.

I also picked the most suitable alpacas for the job.....sadly Duke was not one of those on the list, but he decided he was going to be in on the job...and squeezed out with the ones I wanted....he is very highly strung to say the least...he is very 'gorgeous' but he is a handful and is probably my most difficult alpaca to handle...I have had the odd.....moment and have came off the worse for the experience.....especially when doing feet......

My secret Santas.....have given me an alpaca handling pen......for which I am very grateful......( you know who you are !!) as I had quite a nasty experience with Duke the last time I trimmed his feet......he knocked me in the face with his I bent down, then he continued to barge me into the stone wall of the building.....I scraped all my head...and it was not ideal......the pen will hopefully make things much more safe !! especially for me !

Sadly he is so silly he can be dangerous.....and needs careful handling..apart from that he is lovely.....I'm hoping he might mature and grow out of it !!

Today we donned the Christmas Tinsel.....and tried to do a festive photo shoot.....well we managed it in a fashion.....we have no snow...but we do have the festive MUD !!

I would just like to wish all,


To all those who either follow my blog through their own free will....or happen to stumble across it !

Here's hoping that next year is a fantastic one....for all of us.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bitterly Cold....!

Sitting it the bitterly cold !

The girls......on route out It has been freezing out this week !

The tree....a casualty of the gales !

The Nick Nacks.....

This week has been bitterly cold, with biting winds snow and ice !
I have been putting the alpacas out, however they are not bothered about sitting out in the freezing cold wind and the snow....the alpacas are very good and know their route into the 3 acre field.
I decided to take some pictures of them going out one morning......mind you, that day they were all waiting at the gate....before 3pm some shivering and couldn't wait to get into the barn to get at the haylage, all the animals just seem to love it and tuck into it as soon as they get in !
When I was moving some hay earlier, I noticed that I thought I had a tree down. I went to check and in the 10 acre field, one tree had snapped the high winds the other night.
We have gotten off lightly I suppose and the wood will come in handy for the fire, there's another job on the 'to do list'.
We are currently skating on we have had a bit of a thaw...but then frozen again....!
So its a bit tricky to say the least....I am waiting for the warmer spell forecast for the rest of the week.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Frozen Mud !! .....Yippee

Thawed but now frozen.....!

Zaninni.....standing by the gate with a dusting of hail stones....waiting for bed-time !

I have been graced this week with frozen mud...which is a great change from the horrible soft stuff !

I seem to spend about half the year squelching through the stuff...thankfully the depth varies.....however when it freezes ...its great....just like concrete !

We have had a bit of a mixed week for the weather, sleet, winter sun and now frozen mud, not to mention the wind returning briefly.

The alpacas are always ready to come in for bed, they are usually found loitering around the gates from 3pm onwards.....

The onset of Christmas has crept up on us here at Zanzibah Land....I can't believe that its that time of year again......I have been busy sorting out some Christmas decorations tonight......Everette Green has been taken out of his box and is sitting pride of place, so we are getting into the festive spirit !

I have my feed in, the log store is full and the coal man has also been.....we are stocked up. I'm looking forward to my parents coming up for Christmas.....

Time to try and take it easy......

Well that's the general idea...I wonder if its going to be a reality !!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stocking Up.....& Swans !

Ruby...with the supplies !!

The Geese and Swans.....having a well earned rest ...

Today I have been busy stocking up on supplies....

I have received my delivery of alpaca feed to last me over the winter, I have always fed my animals on Carrs Billington Alpaca Coarse Mix. It is essential to feed your animals a correct diet throughout the year, this helps to make sure that they receive the correct vitamins and minerals essential to keep your alpacas healthy and free from deficiencies which can lead to much more serious health issues.

We must never take for granted that these animals can just survive alone on our grasses in this country, after all they are not native to our climate and rely on us to provide them with a balanced diet !

I have today received 20 bags of alpaca feed, this will last me most of the winter, I will need another delivery probably around mid Spring. I have also found that my alpacas love Apple Chaff, this is very high in calcium, which is excellent for helping maintain good bone development especially in the babies, it also help provide them with fibre, essential for camelids as an over rich cereal diet can also cause problems !

I was out and about the other day posting a letter, when I drove past a nearby field, it was full of what I think was Hooper Swans and Canada Geese....stopping off for a well earned rest.

I managed to take a photo before some of them flew off.......what a magnificent sight.

It is fantastic to see such beautiful birds so close, this time of year nature always has a nack at surprising you.

Tonight the winds are getting stronger and we are forecast more windy weather and maybe some more snow.....!

I have a delivery of 'Ovoids' coming tomorrow...for the fire to help keep me warm and there is an oil delivery booked for sometime next week.......I don't want to be caught out with bad weather.....and I'm determined to keep nice and warm.....the logs are chopped....and stacked.....ready for the I think, we are nearly organised for the colder weather.

I do like to have plenty supplies in....just incase !!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

We Survived Tell the Tale !!..

Zanubis......and Socksy in the snow !

The girls.......before the snow....!

Zeto, Socksy and hiding is Zelqui !!

The view from the top road....towards...the farm ....

For those who may be interested.....we survived the storms and the gales !

I woke to a much quieter morning, when I went to check everyone, thankfully we had survived with minimal damage......a few loose slates off the old steading roof....but we came off lightly !

The buildings had a good test, and we must have done something all was present and correct.....I must admit, I was worried, as this was the first big test of the winter, we do tend to get battered by really strong winds at this time of year.....I'm just pleased we all managed to get through the night.

We have had a bit of a melt of the snow.....which had fallen the other day, but we have had a little bit more snow, so we still have a dusting, tonight the land is frozen along with some of the water troughs.

Ruby has been employed again doing more bale moving, I had to bring a haylage bale in for the horses this afternoon, and also move another straw bale. I've had a bit of a carry on, yesterday.....I shall put it down to having a blonde moment ! I was checking the levels on Ruby, to make sure all was topped up.....I'm not very familiar with her ! I managed to loosen off....a nob that I shouldn't have....and all the hydraulic oil spurted out ...what a mess....then I lost the rear lift, due to the lack of oil....I then spent ages....filling her back up....only to realise, that I had used the wrong oil.....(slightly too thick )....and still the lift was not working...thankfully the front loader was not affected....!!(Phew) A quick phone call to the Siromer dealer....speaking to a very nice helpful man.....who told me...that all I had done was over tighten the nob.....(the one I won't be rushing to loosen off again soon !!) a couple of turns......back to loosen it off...and everything was working as it should !.......apparently if you screw that nob diverts the hydraulic a trailer, if you are towing one.....

Its easy when you know how ! hasn't been much better, I have spent most of the afternoon......under one machine

or another, I had a wheel to put back on the little it had a puncture, and had been away for a repair, my Dad took it off......but I was left to put it back on ! Why do you have days like these....I kept saying to myself.....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger !!!!!

I have struggled......cursed, nearly chopped my finger off.....!! on the big fan on Daisy !! after doing some minor and major...adjustments ! I have survived to tell the tale.....I have nearly tripped myself up...on the sleeve of my I was getting too hot wrestling with the wheel.....I took the top of my overall off....and then I was attacked by my sleeve.....!!!!

Oh.....what a day...!!

I have ended on a positive note !! I have accomplished...all I was hoping to do today....with a bit of ......determination...that seems to appear...every time I have another hurdle to this never ending call life !!

And.......lets face just never know, what life is going to throw at you.....from one day to the next !

Today.....I have struggled......achieved....and once again.... I live to tell the tale !

I wonder....what tomorrow.........has in store !

One thing for sure.................. this life definitely has a way of testing you to the limits....and as my Mam would say............'Its a great life....if you don't weaken !'

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter is here with Avengeance !!

Socksy......out in the snow !

Duke and Zeto.....tuck into the Hay net !!

The boys earlier this week.....

The track.....snowed over as usual......

Ruby....doing a bit of work ...going to feed the sheep !

It has been a while since I last blogged.....I have replaced my battery on my it gave up the ghost !!....

Now I am back.....what a night....we are currently being battered by 80mph gales...the whole of Scotland has a severe weather warning in place...according to the news......then to round it all off...we are forecast blizzards ......gggrrreeaat !!

It has already snowed last week....I have had Ruby out doing a spot of work, shifting bales of hay and straw. At the moment I have some sheep here doing a bit of winter grazing, but due to the snow...I have been putting some hay out for them.

The alpacas have been mostly inside due to the bad weather and the wind....mind you I don;t think that there are any complaints.....when it is really windy, I can't open the big barn doors...and that combined with the snow.....its not fit for man nor beast out there at the moment !

I was quite surprised last week just how deep the snow was on the track, I have however managed to get out to the shops.

The country roads were completely white, mind you I haven't resorted to the snow chains....just yet !

I've already had the quad stuck......up the track to the wood....but I managed to get it out and walk the rest of the way.....I feed the birds during winter time up the wood and sometimes take the quad up instead of wallking !!

Tonight....I have locked up early.....I am hoping all is well when the morning comes......and its not a case of anything being blown away.

The wind is supposed to die down later tonight.....then the blizzards are due.

Zorba appears to be back to normal after his ordeal, the homeopathy worked a treat to bring the swelling down and things seem to be working as normal......which is excellent news.

Just goes to matter how well you look after your animals....things still come along to catch you out.....its still a complete mystery as to what happened.

Friday, 2 December 2011

What a difference a day makes !!

This is Zorba....tonight !! what an improvement !!

This was 1day ago.....when he was having his 3rd injection.

The view.....from the wood the other night.....when I was out with the dogs !

This was 2 days ago...with the lumps !!

Regular readers will know I have been treating Zorba for a very swollen sheath, I have one more injection to do.

However until yesterday, there was improvement, but he was still very swollen, I decided to turn to the homeopathy to help with this as I believed that the injections were dealing with the infection side of things, but the swelling was very apparent and there were a couple of swollen pockets that had appeared.

After a bit of research, I decided to order some Apis Mel 30c, this is used to treat swelling/inflammation and pain.

I received this in the post last night.....and unfortunately for me......there was a massive power cut ! six and a half be precise......I was wandering around in the dark....getting the candles out and the battery operated lights.......thankfully the power came back 9.30pm.

As I had received my homeopathy I went back down the barn to finish off the night time jobs....and gave Zorba his first dose......what an improvement some will be sceptical and have an air of doubt, but I am always very impressed by any results that I have had when I have treated my animals.....with homeopathy....I have obviously combined both forms of medicine and I believe that combined they have worked very well.

Zorba is much improved I think you will see that the swelling has reduced considerably, there is still a little way to go, but thankfully we are heading in the right direction.....

I'm hoping he will soon be back to his normal self, its hard to believe just how swollen he was. At this time of year I'm often racing against the most of us who have animals to look after........I'm grateful for facilities such as light......when you haven't got it.....sitting by candle light........its a long old night.

Thank goodness for the log keep me warm......lets hope I don' t have too many power cuts this winter !!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One Down.....4 to go !

Zorba...waiting just before his injection ! He's a lovely natured boy ...

What a weekend.....definitely winter out there....

Swollen still but alot less inflamed, I hope the treatment works and he's soon better !

This morning I had to give Zorba one of his 5 injections, thankfully his is a lovely boy and I managed to do this better than I had thought !

I decided to tie him up in the corner, then so he couldn't pre-empt my moment of the injection, I put a towel over his head.....its not nice having to give the injections but it went really well. Tomorrow I will do it on the other try not to make one side too sore !

I managed to take a photo for those who are interested.....the redness has calmed down alot, but the swelling is still there.....mind you, it has reduced for sure.

We were battered by horrendous weather over the weekend, so I thought Id share a photo..looking out of the porch window......sleet showers and 80mph gales.....what a weekend.

Well it never rains but it pours...and sadly things usually happen in threes......tonight when I brought the girls in for bed, I noticed that Pacosha had a really sore eye, needless to say she has had some anti-biotic cream put in there tonight so I hope she feels easier....I think she might have poked it, we are in full nurse mode at the moment !!

I have been thinking about what has happened to Zorba....and I was wondering, if he had either been stung or maybe even bitten by something.....

Its definitely a mystery.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Zorba Update ....

This morning when I went to let the boys out.....unfortunately things hand not improved as much as I might have liked with Zorba....

So there was nothing else for it to have a second opinion and I rang the vet, ......Zorba was still really swollen and although he looked happy enough and bright most of us know...these alpacas are very good at hiding their problems. I was pleased that I had given him an injection overnight to help him fight any infection issues.

Thankfully, I have recently changed vets and the vet who came to check Zorba over is actually very interested in alpacas and has worked with them in the past, which was good.

After careful checking, she could not find anything other than the obvious, he was given extra anti-inflammatory injections(Metacam) and more antibiotics(Noroclav).....I have to follow this up with 5 more injections over the next 5 days.

We are hoping for a big improvement, there appeared to be no real indications as to why this has happened, so its a bit of a mystery at the moment......

He has been out with the others today, I am watching him like a hawk. I have to report back to the vets in a few days.....tonight I do think that there is maybe little less inflammation, lets hope the injections are working and I'm hoping for more improvement overnight.

Its a real mystery, but at least I know that he has been given treatment to make him more comfortable, I'm just hoping that he continues to improve.....

Its always worrying when things like this happen....and there is no 'rime no reason' to it !!

Wish me luck with the rest of the injections........I will have to manage.....somehow !!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blowing a Gale...not a sprout in sight !!

Zorba, this summer.....with the boys !

Spot....TPT !....that is one mad Turkey !!

The cows...wind break ! bale they had wrecked it overnight, before it could be stacked !!

What a weekend.....gale force winds and sleet showers...just to remind you that we are nearly into December.

We have been battered by winds of up to was so windy on Saturday that I could not open the big barn door, when the wind is so strong I struggle with keeping a hold of it.

Thankfully today the wind had died down a little and I managed to get the door open.....this brings me onto an idea.....which will no doubt be on the 'to do list' very soon....

I'm going to make a pedestrian door, within one of the big barn doors....this will mean when its really windy, I won;t have to struggle with the big door. Which means the alpacas and me can get in and out without risking being blown away !

I have opened a couple of my haylage bales.....the horses have tried one bale, they loved it.

Yesterday, I used Ruby to put a bale out for the cows....who are as I type enjoying a nice bale of haylage.

It has turned out great, smells lovely and everyone even the alpacas seem to give it the seal of approval !

This was a bit of a trial, which seems to have paid off....we have about 70 bales to use, so there is plenty to go around. I hope to do more of the same next year, as not only is it much better for Molly my horse with the dust means that I don't have to use part of the barn to stack it....which gives me more room for the animals.

Winter is well and truly here......and we are hopefully as prepared as can be.

I have noticed that Zorba has been off colour lately...he has just been not right, I have been watching him, and he has been spending lots of time....just lying in the field......he is still eating well.....but tonight....I suspect he has an infection, in the gentleman's department.....after monitoring have given him an anti-biotic injection...which I hope will make him much more comfortable....I'm hoping to see a big improvement in him tomorrow....he is a lovely boy.....very kind natured, he let me tie him up tonight to check him over and give him his injection.......its times like this...I'm grateful for having the facilities that I have.....the barn, the light....and well....when you know your just know when they're not well.

I hope that he is much more comfortable tonight !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Taking it Easy !!

Autumn colours....

Zimushka ....and the babies.....

Stravinsky......some where under there is an 'Elite' white alpaca !!!!

Baby Love !.....Zoretah !

It has been quiet here in Zanzibah Land.

We are just ticking along at the moment, taking things easy..or at least trying...that's the plan anyway !

Thankfully the animals are all fine, the girls have settled into their field for the winter. Its hard to believe that in a mater of months it will be time for weaning.

The weather is being kind for mid November which makes a nice change, this time last year we had snow !!

Talking of snow chains have arrived....well their not chains, as such...there a new generation of snow we are slightly more prepared this year, than last.....I wonder if I will get the chance to use them....!!!

I had an alpaca moment this evening....sitting on a bucket in the barn...with the girls and babies.....its just a great way to life your spirits.....a lovely cuddle with Zoretah...and Zadi~Blanca....makes it all worth while....

Ruby is getting acquainted with the mud ! I have used her to move some hay/straw. My parents have gone back home....the next time I see will be for the Christmas Holidays.

So for the moment its just a case of making the most of what you got !!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ruby Red .......Has arrived !!

Special delivery...all the way from Wetherby to Aberdeenshire......Siromer 304 arrives safely !

Scary moment.....just coming down the ramps....then the rear bucket....fell off the back ! just missing the new car !!!!

What a load....' Where there's a will....There's a way...... !

Just Great .........!

Just before......the unloaded ....!

It has bee a quite week here at Zanzibah Land !

I have been feeling unwell most of the week, however I have managed to still get a few little jobs done !

As I have been off colour, I have been having a bit of a think.....about making my life easier, last weekend I managed to muck out the new wooden barn with the big tractor, however there is only about an inch either side of the tractor and its very tight indeed....but I managed.

However this lead me to thinking...long and hard about making my life most of my heavier jobs entail mucking out the barns......and I decided that I needed a smaller tractor for this job.......I have decided to probably sell Daisy the digger as she really isn't used as much as I might like to use her....anyway being only a two wheel drive she is quite restricted in the snow for the winter....and I can't really use her to dig myself out ! I have done quite a few jobs with her and she has been a great asset, I will be sad to see her go ! take her place I have bought a little Siromer Compact tractor....she is a 304 model...28hp with a front loader, bucket and muck forks......optional 2 or 4 wheel drive and semi-hydrostatic forward and reverse.....she's great !

Only that she was for sale.......down near Weatherby how do you get a part of 360 miles up to Aberdeenshire.......Aye you guessed it.........the Hit Squad.....came to the rescue !!

No rest for the wicked in their retirement.....tractor viewed, trailer sourced and hired.......and back to collect the little Siromer....she is know as 'Red'.....the guys who owned her...Nick and James...mainly used her for chopping logs......and I must say I take my hat off to Nick who did a great job of squeezing her onto the trailer......infact....there was no room at all and the muck bucket was hanging over the front of the trailer, thankfully the front trailer board came off.......the rear bucket was jammed at the back...under the front wheels and the front loader arms...were actually outside of the trailer......then it was a case of a long haul....from Co Durham all the way up to Aberdeenshire......the journey took about 10 hours.......everything was going great up to Perth.........when the trailer had a blow out.....and my parents had to detour to a garage for a replacement tyre......thankfully they arrived safe and sound....and still attached to the trailer and tractor still firmly tied on......about 6pm last night....

Today we have spent...most of the time.....getting acquainted with ....'Ruby Red' ..she is lovely.......there was a scary moment...when I had to drive her off the trailer.......after some starting issues and having a quick chat with Nick.....we were off !! I drove down the ramp really slowly.....and then there was a massive clank !! I looked round to see that the muck bucket with forks...had fallen off the back of the trailer......and wedged thankfully between the trailer hitch.....phew how lucky was my mam and dad have just got a new car......that would have been a right old disaster.....after getting this far....safely.....I never thought about it falling I hadn't put the bucket on......and none of use gave it a second thought......that was a close call....!!

I don't think the new car would have been quite the same with a massive muck bucket stuck in the back...somehow !

Ah..well, all's well that ends well !.....I managed to drive 'Ruby Red' off the trailer without any more mishaps.....and she is parked in the barn tonight....we have done a bit of a service......checking oil/water levels and generally having a good play.

I have also moved the alpacas back to their previous arrangements...the girls are back in the 3 acre field and come into the big barn at night...the boys are back in the 6 acre field and are coming into the new wooden barn.....the Nick Nacks are as usual at least until early part of next year when the weaning begins...then they will join the baby group.

So....after a quiet start to the week, it has turned out to be quite an exciting end.....the little Siromer is fantastic....she will help me a great deal...she is big enough to load the muck spreader, strong enough to do some of the work required round here......and nimble enough to muck the barns out with ease...especially with the semi-hydrostatic gears.......much easier than having to drive in and out of forward and reverse.....just change direction with the push of a handle......with ease....!

I'm feeling slightly better today after quite a miserable parents are just great, helping me without any hint of a bother......and frankly I cannot thank them enough....just goes to show...what you can achieve with a willing heart....and a desire to help !

So all that remains to be said is a 'Great Big .....Thank-you' to my times of need.....well your real friends or family are.....never too far away.....are they...!!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Busy Weekend !

Zirrius and Zadi~Blanca.....

Baby line up ......

The Nick Nacks...growing up nicely....Wellground Vital Spark(L) and Wellground Stravinsky (R)


It has been another busy weekend.....what with one thing and another....

Once again we have been graced with nice weather especially for this time of the year....!!

I have managed to arrange the bales in the cows field.....there was only one casualty....that was obviously been attacked by the cows....!! Hopefully this will make a good enough wind break to shelter the cows when the weather is bad.

I have also managed to move the trailers up to near the fence line...and take the tape down that was dividing the field to keep the cows off while it was growing for the hay crop.....the cows have wandered onto the nice green grass.....and I shall collect the remainder of the posts and tape up tomorrow....

On Saturday, I managed to muck out the barn where the boys this is nice, clean and cosy for now......

Also today I took a little time out after moving the introduce a lady to the art of spinning....I had a contact via the Internet..from a lady who was looking for a spinning course.....I offered to help teach her how to spin....and this afternoon we met up and did just I think you could say its been a busy weekend......

I'm planning on having a day off tomorrow.....that's the idea any way.....!!

Unless.....I find myself....chopping a few more logs.....!!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Winter Preparation ......continues !

Guess who !!......this photo is taken with a good camera !....and a skilled photographer....not me !

The babies......Zirrius, Zoretah, Zimushka, Zadi~Blanca and Zirrianna !!

Chickens do the strangest things !!...I was visiting Anna and one of her chickens 'Sadie' decided to sit on my bonnet !!

Me and some of the gang......

I have been busy with some winter preparations....

Today I received most of my straw that will be needed for the winter. I have spent most of the afternoon re-arranging the barn moving various bales of hay and straw that were opened out of the way in order to make room for the new straw which I have stacked, packed and put back the stuff that was being I now have a full barn once again....there is 24 bales of hay, 12 bales of straw in the main barn on one side....along with the adult boys and the Nick Nacks on the other side......of one half of the barn, the other is always open for the horses to use as they need to....

Now, in the new wooden barn extension....there is 36 bales of hay along with 4 bales of straw...on one side....and across from the entrance to the main barn is where the girls and the babies live......basically we are full to capacity....!!

Just as well we managed to get the extension done on the wooden barn in time for the onset of winter.....

All that remains for me to do is stack some 'rapeseed straw' that will make a good wind break for my Highland Cows to provide shelter for them over the winter months.....its a bit of an idea I had to make a shelter for them......and tonight I had delivered 24 bales of this if the weather is dry.....I shall be busy placing this in a strategic position.......that's providing the cows haven't trashed it overnight.......!!

Dougal has a bit of a habit of sticking his horns into any hay or straw....and he often wears it on his head.....I will find out tomorrow...if he has been playing with the bales....or if they have been rolled round the field overnight !!

I have wanted to do something for them for the last couple of its really quite bleak when the wind is blowing at minus what ever temperatures.

I have managed to chop about half of the logs ready for the winter...and when I get a spare hour, I shall be trying to get the rest of them chopped and stacked.

Also on the 'to do' list is mucking out the boys side of the barn.......before I start to deep litter the horses side for the winter......

As its now will only be a couple of weeks before I get the chance to have a look at the Haylage......then I will find out if it has been a disaster or a success.....mind you, the horses are not needing to be supplemented at the it might be slightly longer before I actually break into the bales......I'm really quite interested to find out....just how it has turned out........I do hope its a success for Molly more than anyone she is my horse that seems to have a dust allergy !

I have treated myself to a new there was a big hole in the bottom of the other one.......which I had patched with an old feed bag.....and my mam was having a bit of a moan at the state of the wheelbarrow when she was we are all posh now with a shiny new galvanised one.........I can't complain as the other one had done lots of work.....and it had seen better days !!

A bit like myself.........I guess !!