Saturday, 24 April 2010

What a week.....Highs...and Lows.....

Socksy.....he's off colour...!!! looking just how I feel !!

I have had one of those weeks...a very mixed bag of highs and lows......just goes to show you never know whats round the corner..

Obviously, one of the highs..was Duke arriving safe and sound...and boy how time flies...he has been here exactly one week today.

Today, another...high...the Swallows are here...they weren't here this morning..but this afternoon I looked out of the kitchen window...and there they were 'Fantastic'..I love to see the swallows...marks the start of Summer for me ! I do hope its a good one....after the hard slog through this winter...I'm looking forward to a good one !!

Now....onto the lows.... at the moment is it like emergency ward 10 here !!!...I'm having a bit of a run....with poorly alpacas....I have 3 at the moment....!!

Zeuss's nasty abscess has I am in the process of treating that !...on your own I here you ask !!.....Yes !!.....not easy ! But I will persevere...I have to try and just get on with it....

Zanubis..has developed a bit of a cough..a's ok one minute then has bouts of I am treating that also....!!

Now, what a palaver.......I had decided to feed up early on I was hoping for an chance !!

I fed the boys their evening tea..and was having a look a t Zeuss's leg. It then dawned on me that I was an alpaca missing..and I re-checked them, just to make sure. Yes, definitely one missing...I had a look around the field and at first I couldn't see him....It was 'Socks' my older brown and white boy..he is very shy..and never gets involved with the argy-bargy with the other boys.....I was now...and I spotted him....up the top of the field....My heart just sank ! He was lying down..on his side...this did not look good. I shouted of him..but no response...he then looked up and just rolled back down onto his side. !! By this time I was walking up the field...just wondering ....what I was going to find...and was dreading the worst ! Normally he will not let you close....but he made no attempt to move..this wasn't good... I approached him and he made no attempt to get up ! I checked him over and could see nothing I sat down next to him for a better you know when you could do with a hand...and there is nobody there....well that was me. I rang for answer....I knew I could not move him on my I had to get some the end it was getting dark...I ended up going for my neighbour...and we managed to get him inside..the barn....I didn't know what was just to cover most things..he got an anti-biotic...injection..for infection...maybe ulcers !..I was thinking...then also to cover....pain...he got some pain the form of Liquid Devils..Claw....I was trying to cover all eventualities......I would check him...regularly...and monitor his...situation.....I left to the babies..and put some feed out for him...over night...

In the morning..I was pleased to see him standing..and he had eaten his feed....I can't decide if he has strained himself....if the boys have been wrestling...or if it might have been..something else...needless to say he is back out with the others....and they are coming in....for!! He is off colour to say the he has been lying down alot..and resting......I have been keeping a close eye on all of them today....As I have been in the conservatory....spinning up some of Zerquo's fleece.... I shall keep you posted how we get on...

I hate it when these sort of things just plummet back down to earth with a mighty thump !! Im trying to stay focused....on nicer things.....and hanging lovely weekend....last week.......just goes to change.........and thats...just the Alpaca....side of things...!!
Just to round things off...I nearly choked myself last night...trying to get water through the water pipe for the cows.....!!
What a week .........:-(

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Doing.....fine !!

Who's for kisses !
The sun may be shining...but its freezing....! friends...the weanlings and Duke are gettting along....just fine !!

What a reception.....last one to see me is ...... staying out !!

Duke and Zeto.....having a rest !

Just a couple of photos of the babies and Duke....after their eventful weekend..
Duke is settling in just fine and all the youngsters are getting on really well. The sun has been shining today..but don;t be fooled..its freezing !

On Tuesday night when I checked the boys and gave them their evening tea...I noticed that Zeuss's leg was swollen, he had a really nasty abscess last it was late I left it until the following day ! this time it had burst ! I am now treating this again. He has been really good...we had a bit of a do, with getting him to stand...but once he accepted that I was not going to hurt him...we managed to clean the area...trim a bit of I could see what I was doing and I have started him off with his antibiotics....but I think that once might take some time to get to the bottom of this ....just as well I can manage in a fashion...on my own !!....where there's a will....and so on !!

So here are some pictures of the just out and about.....starting to be a little bit independent.....and some of Duke...especially for hope you don't need the hanky !!!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Special Delivery !! ...... Arrrives .. Safe and Sound !

Last Kisses !.....Bye bye....
Duke has and start his new life with us in Scotland !

Zeto and Duke, getting to know....eachother....

Last years babies....Zeto....Zullulah and Zienna....just weaned !

Debbie and Paul, Barnacre Alpacas....with background !!

As you have guessed....I have received a Special Delivery !!..... Barnacre Duke has arrived in Scotland.

Now, to say that I was excited....was an we at Zanzibah passed the vetting with flying colours... !! Not everybody gets to own a special boy like Duke !! ......The vetting was a ordeal in Debbie and Paul are very particular who gets to own such a sweetie !!...... and I had to be on my best behaviour....mind you there have been moments of madness creeping through over the weekend !! :-) There were times...that I thought Debbie might sneak him back to Northumberland....!!

I didn't say that I was normal as this would be slightly untrue !...anyway are any of us normal who happen to own these wonderful creatures... Duke is so lovable, huggable and I know that we will forge a wonderful friendship...over the years.

It has been a splendid weekend..the weather has been kind and I even managed to wean my babies...with the help of Debbie and Paul...there was a little lifting involved as it was much easier to carry the little ones into the barn..instead of trying to walk them round. Minstrel was remarkably spitting..I think it was a safety in numbers by the time she had checked out Debbie and Paul....we had swifted away Zienna...into the catch pen. The others we also...rounded up. Duke has travelled well and appears to be making friends with his new...mates.

We even managed to go out to Spey Bay...a lovely little wildlife centre and coffee shop...on the Moray coast. The sun has been shining over the weekend, we did have a sprinkle of hail for a matter of moments on Sunday, but thankfully nothing to get depressed about.

Today, we visited a lovely craft centre called Touched by Scotland..and it was excellent, all handcrafted items....made locally with natural products....fantastic ! next door there is a woollen Aladdin's Cave...just like a 'woolly sweetie shop'......I must say non of us came away empty handed.... !!

There are some wonderful places to visit and of course...we had to visit the coffee shop ! There is even a hint of future handcrafted luxury alpaca wears in both establishments !! so I think that the imagination and spinning wheel will be working overtime. At this rate...I shall have to think of a herd....expansion....only joking !!...

I think it would be fare to say that it has been a splendid weekend....all round and that the future is......bright with the addition of Barnacre Duke....into the Zanzibah herd.

I would also like to thank...Debbie's Mum and Dad....for holding the fort whilst Debbie and Paul have been away.....she has had a very busy weekend with new baby lambs....arriving on Sunday...and anyway...a little 'Thank-you'...goes a long way !

All I have to make sure that he gets plenty of 'kisses and cuddles'....he is very a special little fella.....

I know that Debbie will miss could anyone Not !! I shall look after him well....

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ahh....Mummy's Boy !

Zeto and Dusty....enjoying the evening sun
Zanubis ....he's growing up nicely

Zaninni......he's special !! first baby born at Zanzibah Alpacas.....he will be 4 this year.

Forty Winks...!!.. dreaming of ......... I wonder !

The boys....are getting on quite nicely !!...thankfully.

The weather has been beautiful, which means that we all have been taking the time to enjoy the sunshine.

I am hoping that this weekend, I shall be weaning my cria from last year. Zeto is now nearly 7 months old and he is a huge bundle of fleece ! Tonight I caught him taking a snooze with his mother Dusty ! Needless to say I got the camera out for some photos. This might be his last cuddle with her if all goes to plan !!

Ahh...I know what you are thinking...that's nasty ...but it has to be done..he will have a new friend to play with. Duke shall be with us tomorrow some time, so it will be all change.. I am also hoping to wean the girls...they are slightly younger..well actually there is 3 days difference between Zeto and Zienna..then just over a week between Zeto and all are old enough to be weaned.

I have loads to do..before my company arrive....I have to find the domestic goddess that apparently lurks tidy the house...then of course there are outside jobs to prepare...a new penning area for the weanlings and the barn as I need to also be able to halter train them.....leading them into their new paddock each day.....

This marks the start of the nicer weather and hopefully the start of the summer. I am still looking for the first signs of Swallows....!! I think that they are a little late this they arrived on the 13th April last year...then I will definitely know.....summer is on its way !!

The boys are doing well.....together....I am really pleased....that this introduction has been relatively smooth !!...up to now..anyway !!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Still Out...and...still together !

Norris is too busy grazing ! The boys are checking each other out ..
Zaninni, Zorba and Zerquo .. having a stand off !!

Its now 4 days and all the boys are still together....

I have resisted the temptation to bring them in for their bed-time !... and everyone is still where they should be. The girls are also out, mind you they do have a very nice field shelter.

The boys are still having their moments...and getting acquainted. Mind you...if things continue as they should this has been a much more acceptable reunion.....the youngest boy Zanubis has managed to hold his position well with the older boys. Zeuss has reduced the amount of humming and Zorba is not taking as much notice of him. Zorba has centered his attentions on Zaninni...but he can look after himself and although Zorba does follow him, Zaninni will stand up to him and is not too concerned by his attention.

Overall, things are ticking along quite I do hop that this is going to continue. The weather has stayed fine and dry, which makes a change.

Now, providing all goes to plan....I should have a special delivery on Saturday....!!!

Barnacre Duke will be on his way to us, along with Debbie and Paul. I'm trying not to think about it too much as I'll just worry and no doubt as the time...creeps nearer ...I'll be getting a little excited !!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

All Boys Together !!

Zeuss is hiding behind Norris...
Norris is the Ref !....the pitch is better that the other field !!

Zerquo launches himself....onto Zelqui...who is behind...Zanubis...Socks is not getting involved in this sort of thing ! .... Boys !!

Yes, that's the gate..he's a right baby !.. the others are getting acquainted.

It has been such a lovely day, it has inspired me to take the giant step of introducing my younger boys...back with the adult males.

Regular readers will know, I introduced three of them last year, I had a great deal of trouble between Zorba and Zeuss, my two white males, unfortunately Zeuss spent most of his time humming and being persecuted by took 5 attempts to get them to accept each other. Then Zaninni had a nasty accident...I'm sure the male readers will remember it well.....OUCH ! This forced me to separate the young ones again, in order that Zaninni could have time to recover and company.

So, today was D-day ! As the weather has been lovely. This morning instead of putting the young ones and Norris in the big field...I stopped for a think and a ponder regarding my intentions...then I thought just get on with it and see what that's what I did !

I walked the younger boys up through the little weaning paddock..and they followed me quite happily ! We continued up the track to the entrance of the other field..this is where the older boys will summer this year all being well.... I just got the gate open and the older boys were over like a shot...I think they thought that there were girlfriends...visiting...sorry !!

A bit of a round, bit of argy-bargy so on and so forth..then as usual Norris is right in the centre of things....Zorba..Socks..and Zelqui...were amazed at this strange...woolly thing in their field..and didn't quite know what to make of him...but Norris was not going to be side-tracked...he's just interested in the grass !

Norris did referee for a little while then decided just to leave all the sorting out to the alpacas..who at the moment are still getting acquainted with each other... I do hope that this is the one and only attempt....not like last year !...Mind you,

Zeuss has being humming...again...and he did refuse to get involved with the others...he's such a baby, I can still hear him humming as I type this...if only he would just shut up and stop whinging.....I wouldn't mind but he's not the baby of the bunch that's Zanubis.....the grey !

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the harmony to continue and the reality of the fact that its time to grow up !....Big Boys Now !...

Dirty Stop Outs......we're out for the summer, unless..there is an change !

And I feel guilty when their all waiting at the gate ...tonight !!

:0)) x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Alpacatastic !....what a Wonderful Day !

Minstrel.....she stole the show !....
Hao, Yojie, Anna and Shana...enjoying the day...Zaninni strikes his pose for the camera !!

Just checking the micron.....!!

Can you tell the difference between an Alpaca...and a Sheep !!

First time...admiring the alpacas in real life !!

It was an early start today for us at we had special visitors !

My visitors travelled from lands afar.....actually from China ! Ok, well they are living in Aberdeen ! they have been following my blog and Hao is studying at Aberdeen University, he came with his two friends, Shana and Yojie. I hope that I have the names right !

He is very interested in Alpacas and he has never meet any for real, so this was their opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

I must say at this point, I had a 'pep' talk with Minstrel....who promised to be on her best behaviour ! and she proved to be true to her word ......she stole the show ! When this girl is nice she is just too sweet for words ! and we had cuddles all round ...

Firstly we met the girls and the babies..then we had to inspect the younger boys and Norris...we did a little fleece comparison and....there sadly was no competition..for Norris..but don't tell him !...I don't want to hurt his far as he is concerned ....he's as good as the rest !

Then it was the time to do a little bit of halter work...the older boys are walked up to their field...and Hao...was really keen to lead Zorba....whilst Anna had her hands full with Zelqui and Socks !!....I went to the I was on camera duty at the time !

The sun was shining and this is the first really nice day...for over a week. Thankfully we were not like last week....under power cuts....with no....facilities !....I remember it well !!

After our little herd tour, we retired back to the house to talk Alpaca...we also inspected....Fleece, Knit ware and some Felting that I had.

There was fine food...well homemade soup and lashings of Tea !...washed down....a Huge slice of Cake !!...

After all this excitement it was time to take my guests back to get the Bus....home to Aberdeen, but before we did, we stopped off to see Anna's...pedigree herd of Hebridean Sheep and her little pet lamb....Lola ! Now she would make a lovely girlfriend for Norris ! when she grows up....!!

To round up the day...I think my visitors really enjoyed spending hands on time with the Alpacas, its marvellous just how enchanting these animals are and the effect they have on your human spirit....they really do have a knack of being able to put a smile on your face !!

Its been an Alpacatastic Day !!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Back with Avengeance !....

What happened to ......Spring !
Back to Winter !!

As the title would suggest.....I have been battered with winter...once again, just when you dared to think that Spring was well under way !

Since Wednesday morning....the weather had been horrendous, we have been battered by high winds and snow storms all day. The morning started with a power cut, at 7.45am.....and this continued for another 34 hours....which left me with no normal facilities....that you take for granted...!!!!

As there was no electric, this meant there was no water to the we are pump fed, resulting in....a very limited supply of water...including such normal facilities as one might take for granted...a flushing toilet to name a few...

No electric also the fire is linked with the heating system which relies on electricity to power the pump...!!

Just when you need to battern down the hatches and snuggle up ... sadly with no electric, you've got no chance...

I am reasonably prepared as I have a calor gas heater, I also had to get out the camping stove, to make a cuppa tea...!!

So last night was spent sitting in candle light, reminiscing and wondering just how long this would last, today I have rapidly run out of water and I went to a friends to get some for a hot drink. When I returned..I was just in the process of dusting off my storm lantern..ready for the second night in darkness....and guess what..... about 5.30pm....the lights came back I'm happier, at the moment I've got all my luxury electric facilities..on....a nice hot fire....powering the radiators ! I have the telly on...just cause I can, I also have the obviously a blog was required.....and I have lights...

Marvellous...I'm warm...and I can see what I'm doing....back to normal....!!

Well, maybe that last comment is pushing it a bit :0))

Roll.....on Spring !.....this-time !! Needless to say, the alpacas have been inside, why would anybody want to be out in this weather !!