Monday, 29 September 2014

Baby Boom ....

We are having a bit of a baby boom here ..... yesterday morning around 10.45am Tremona had her baby... a lovely little grey boy !
Here he is .... only minutes old. He has lovely even markings, four huge white socks.  When I decided last year to pair Tremona with Zeto, it was a bit of an experiment.  I was hoping that we might get a grey baby ... and it looks like it has worked.

He is doing well, here is Tremona having a good look at her new baby, with a bit of a puzzled look !
So we have three new arrivals, the girls due are maidens and I'm hoping things go well.  The aim was to try and get finer greys,  I mated one grey girl Zimushka with Duke white.  The other maiden due is Zadi Blanca... she is white, but I once again choose Zeto mid grey for her.
Its quite exciting, I don't think we will be waiting too long before we find out.

Friday, 26 September 2014

We have a little Dukette !

We have a new baby, yesterday afternoon Marquette gave birth to a lovely fawn girl.  This is the very first Duke baby to arrive here, hence she has been nicknamed 'little Dukette'  

Here is Marquette taking a well earned rest after delivering her lovely little girl into the world.  I was on hand to help a little as the cria had a leg bent back, once she was positioned correctly and we got both legs forward things went as normal and she was delivered quite quickly.

This is them this morning before turn out ... all dried out and looking super cute.  She is a beautiful light fawn colour and has a super soft fleece already.  So little Zorro has a play mate, he didn't have to wait long.

Ive managed to upload a little video of them yesterday afternoon.  After a little feed she was up and off ... getting to grips with those super long legs.

I have a name in mind for her, but I haven't completely made my mind up .... I wonder who will be next.  I think I have another three girls to go and then that will be the new arrivals for this year.  Unless I get some surprises as I did more matings but I don't think that any more are expecting.... time will tell.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Zanzibah Zorro !

We have a new baby .... on Friday morning Zakhura gave birth to a lovely rose grey little boy.  He is doing very well and is full of life.  He was up within ten minutes and feeding, since then he hasn't stopped running around !  That's the way I like them, he appears to be a little whirl wind. 
I have decided to call him 'Zorro'  as his markings on his face look like he is wearing a mask.  This is him early on Friday before he dried.

Here he is at top speed .... running around checking out his speed ability... less than a few hours old!

And finally a much slower photo, he managed to walk past me and I captured a quick photo opportunity, he is now nice and dry and a lovely colour with lots of curls.  Zorro is a lovely happy little chap.  All my girls are due any time now, so I don't think it will be long before he finds a playmate. 

Ive managed to get the haylage sorted out for the winter, it was a bit of trial and error as usual and the weather wasn't great at times.  But I'm just pleased to get it out of the way, which gives me a bit more time to spend with the babies..... when they arrive, the haylage is due to be wrapped tonight, so no doubt it will be another late finish.