Thursday, 27 November 2008

Winter Wonder Land !!!.....

On Saturday we woke up to a winter wonder land of more snow....thats more like it, what the weather men forecast.....if I had a sledge I'd be out there, although theres nothing wrong with the nearest plastic feed bag !!!, it has been known that one makes a perfectly good sledging piece of equipment.....

Although on a more serious note, today Thursday I have been doing my routine worming of the whole herd...I usually do it a little earlier but better late than not at all. Hopefully this will be followed up in a couple of days by my regular Vit/Mineral drench for everyone also.

Thankfully, all appears to be well with the herd and the babies are growing up nicely, I think that they were a bit fascinated by the snow, although it had mostly all gone by the Monday morning, so they were a bit confused as to where all the white stuff had gone.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Just a little Sprinkle of Snow.....Bitterly Cold Wind !!

Well, as promised we have had a sprinkle of snow, but the wind is bitterly cold, I think we due some more snow later this evening, after our little drama this morning. All was well with the boys when I brought them in tonight. As usual all were waiting at the gate by early evening, and the girls and babies were no different.

Have I mentioned that my herd are classified as 'Soft'....well what can you do, when all those little faces are waiting for you to get them in for their bedtime !...I have been noted to tell the odd storey or two !!!!... after tea.

So, we all tucked up nice and cosy, lets hope no more dramas tomorrow.. The babies enjoyed being out playing in the snow, something new to explore as they grow up.

A Bloody Nose !!!!!

Ah, today I went down to the alpaca shed to find Zaninni, my first born, so special indeed, having a coughing fit, he was not happy and was snorting and uncomfortable to say the least.

When I looked carefully at him, I could see that he had managed, I don't know how !. to have a long piece of hay stuck right up his nose !!, so I went to the rescue quickly and we managed to remove the offending item, he was relieved to say the least. But he was not a happy bunny !! he ended up with a bloody nose and he just about kept his self respect among the others. I felt sorry for him because he looked sorry for himself.....but it just goes to show, even a little bit of hay in the wrong place can do a bit of damage....we have photos to prove it, as I took my camera out to take some of the snow and ended up with a mini emergency !!!..Thankfully we are all recovered now and none the worse for our little hay experience. I gave him a big cuddle and we made it better !!!!, he is extra, extra soft !! but don't tell the others.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

We're Waiting for the Weather !!!

We're waiting for the winter weather up here in Bonny Scotland.....Broth on the simmer !. Sheds full of animal feed. Good Fire on and so, were waiting for the snow !!We are all tucked up nice and warm, so bring it on.......

Although, we are near the coast, so we might miss it....I'll let you know, how we get on over the weekend.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Brace Yourself.......Batten Down the Hatches !!!..

Apparently we are forcassed some severe weather in the N.E.of Scotland, as of Friday, if the weather forecast is correct !!!!....we're due to have a lot of Snow, as of Friday and for the weekend, with really strong winds, the wind is already here, so they might be right about the imminent snow !!

So we are ready for the onslaught of winter, and if we get blocked in, which we usually do every year, the cupboards are full and we are ready !!...hopefully some pictures will appear with some of the white stuff on the blog.

I shall keep you posted, but maybe it won't happen, who knows, the weather men, have been known to get it wrong, especially around haymaking time !!...when you need them to get it right, more than ever.

The sheds are full with hay/straw for the winter and as long as the animal family are well, no emergencies pending, all you have to do is keep warm, eat lots and sit it out !!..I've topped up the feed today just in case, so we're ready...bring on the Snow !!!!.....I'm feeling back to normal, if I can call myself normal, many would disagree !!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

All Quiet on the Blog !

Its been a bit quiet on the blog, as I have been under the weather. With a nasty bug !.....But I'm getting better, just thought I'd let my readers know, why no news lately. I hope to get back with some nice news soon. We're getting there !!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Wonderful 'Thank-you' Gift from my Visitors!!

What a lovely surprise, I received today when I went to collect my post !

To my surprise there was a package in the post box, that had me wondering what on earth it could be, I am usually presented with the usual junk mail, bills etc, although I did get a little bit excited when the Alpaca Futurity mail arrived, but more to the point, my absolutely gorgeous Thank-you gift, from the Aspen Family, namely, Richard, Anne Charis, Mirian and the little ones.

So take a look at this.......isn't he lovely, I am thrilled with my hand knitted Alpaca Teddy !.....I thought that Anne had been busy on the spinning wheel, but apparently not !!....but I'm not complaining....I have had a look on the web site and there are some lovely gifts and items hand crafted....ok I'll tell you where he came from....but only because I have

My Alpaca Teddy has put a big smile on my face.....Thank-you very much for your kind gift. He will be treasured.

This Time of Year Brings - Wonderful Passers By !

This time of year is a time I enjoy, because the country side is changing and preparing for the winter months.

I love the colour changes in the leaves on the trees and the frosty mornings, with the cob-webs and dew on the grass.

But best of all, I am often stoped in my tracks, by the sound of above, by the wonderful passers-by, Canada Geese.....flying up above.... sqarking to eachother.

Its a wonderful sight to see, I love to see them and always wish them well... and safe journey. Just like the sight of the first swallows in spring-time. I'm looking forward to seeing them also. So heres a picture...

My little 'Black Beauty'

I know you have seen her before, but I think she is lovely..(just my opinion, Im biased of course). Growing up into a little black beauty ! heres another picture of Zanzibah Zakhura, now 2 months old and growing up nicely.

We might have cracked it !!

I think we just might have cracked it, after three attempts to introduce my younger boys with my older males, I think we might have cracked it !!!!.....heres hoping.

For some reason, the ones that you expect to be a problem are not !...and the ones you are expecting to be ok are not......but it has taken three attempts and lots of trial and error, to introduce my young ones with the older males.

You can never tell which ones will get on with others and vica versa...for some reason, my older white male was not tolerating the younger white male, and to make matters worse, the younger white male kept humming and was intimidated by the older one, but all the others were fine, I wouldn't have minded, but he's not the youngest of the baby we have had to introduce them gradually over several weeks, eventually bringing them all under one roof, in the new shelter, with partitions in to try and get the young one to relax in the older males company, without the threat of any bullying going on.....I have perservered and continued to run them out together in the field, we are getting there......and its nice to see no bullying going on in the field, just grazing.....I guess their like people, some like eachother better than others!! ........and some don't, but might tolerate eachother and get used to eachother eventually.