Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Look who's Sleeping in my Bed !

Someone is sleeping in my bed !  Diesel has decided he wants a sleep in Doza's bed ... looks like he has won the spot.

I still have plenty of haylage to go around, this is the stash, one less as from yesterday.  I have been putting a new bale in for the girls.

The haylage bale now unwrapped and just about to go in the barn for the girls.  The weather tonight is atrocious, all the alpacas are in for the night. 
Zyisha little spotty dotty is nearly all grown up. 

Four generations here .... Dusty (left grey)is the mother of Zimushka (right grey)  then there's little black Zambo and Zyisha is a cousin of them all ... how complicated was that !!

My Dad has been busy making some more hand carved walking sticks, this is one of his latest creations.... a Hereford Bull.

This is another hand carved walking stick, all made from rams horn.  Its hard to believe that you can create something so detailed when you see the raw materials.  He is partial to a nice Rainbow Trout walking stick being a bit of a fisherman himself. 
Stick making is a bit of a dying art, which is a shame.  He has sold sticks all over the world.  One lady took a stick all the way to Canada !!