Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snow on Snow ....

The white stuff..... returns.
I feel the same way !....Socks is sulking... with the snow.

The wood store.....logs are disappearing on the fire !!

Zelqui, tucking into the haynet.. he doesn't come up for air !

The view from the house, across the fields.

Yet again, we have more snow.

Just when you thought it had gone... back it comes.

So these photos are for my Dad...he said we didn't have 4" of snow, he was looking at the pictures I took before the new snowfall. He has also requested some different pictures as he is fed up of looking at alpacas !... but that's what the blogs about Alpacas...I said.

The alpacas and cria ran out this morning and jumped, rolled and generally enjoyed the new snow that had greeted us overnight. The older boys spent most of their time out tucking into their haynet !

Saturday, 30 January 2010

More Snow...

I have lost my ears ! .... Im sure I put them some where ...

Minstrel is not amused ....

The weather men were right ....we have more snow. Last night it was freezing and the wind was biting. The alpacas were tucked up in bed and we woke to more snow.

So the Big freeze is back ! and we are once again under a snowy blanket. The alpacas have been inside today as I thought that it wasn't worth putting them out to freeze. We have a mixture of hail, sleet and snow through out the day. The wind is still blowing a gale and its positively bitter.

I hope that I'm not going to be blocked in again for another month !.... I've just started to get used to going out to the shops. Mind you if the wind keeps up, no doubt the snow will be blowing across the track and its likely !

I have replace the hay for the cows and the horses so they have plenty to be going at. I have counted the bales today, I have twenty large round bales left, at this rate Im wondering if I will have enough....its surprising just how fast they get through it when the snow is on the ground. Last year I put aside 66 round bales for the winter, at this rate I'll have to be keeping more back..... I guess it depends on the weather, and lets face it we've had a bleak winter up to now.

No doubt when the grass appears, the larger animals will be out grazing and we won't need to be feeding as much hay, but for the time being, its nice to be able to feed it as required. I'm usually feeding hay until mid/end April, mind you we are nearly into February already !

Friday, 29 January 2010

Its Freezing !!

Zeto, he needs that coat on a day like this.
Zullulah and Zienna ...nosey !

Waiting at the gate .... to come in

Zaninni, Norris, Zerquo and Zeuss at the haynet......Zanubis is no where to be seen !! (younger boys).

The older boys....Socks, Zelqui and Zorba at the haynet !

Cor blimey !....its freezing up here in Scotland today. Even the alpacas have been shivering, the weather men forecast -4 with the wind chill, but Its biting cold.

Poor Zaninni was shivering this afternoon when I went out with the camera. Its normally the babies who steal the lime light, so I thought that I'd take a couple of photos of the others just to even it up a bit.

I was greeted by the whole group, who was ready at the gate waiting to come in !...when I appeared with the camera. All the alpacas ran into bed tonight out of the cold.

Slightly changing the subject, I have taken delivery of my new wellies !!... I must confess, I haven't thrown out my old ones. The new ones are nice green and shiny, my old ones are comfortable, like comfy slippers, but with a hole in (sadly). I have been wearing the new ones, making myself get acquainted with them.... They do a good job at keeping my feet dry, which is the whole idea. So I must persevere with them. There now muddy and have been test driven over the last couple of days !

We have had hail and a little snow today, mind you I did get a glimpse of the Sun, briefly. However, we are all tucked up in bed tonight, the wind is bitterly cold and blowing as I type.

The wood fire is on and the dogs are snoozing by the fire. Contentment is the secret of life.

There's no place like Home !!! ... If I click my heels three times..... I'm still here !!, just without the red shoes !!....but I have the Green Wellies !!!!!! ..... and I'm not dreaming.

Friday, 22 January 2010

I have been Out !!! ....

Zanzibah Zullulah ...she's the baby just over 3 months old now.

Yipee, today I managed to get out in the car. It has been weeks that I have been snowed in. I have been able to get down the track with the tractor and quad, but its a long way to the shop on one of those !

I managed to do a little shopping, it was marvellous, I had a few little jobs to do, hopefully I will be able to acess the shops anytime now...thats great as the cupboards were getting a little Old Mother Hubbard !! (bare).

It was a good excuse to wear my lovely funky Wellground alpaca hat. I just love it !...I could even sleep in it, I like it so much. Apparently my parents have told me of a tale when I was a little girl, I got some lovely new wellies, I loved them so much I would not take them off. I even went to bed with them on. They were then removed by my parent as I was sleeping.

Obviously, times don't change much !... I have been pondering over replacing my has take a lot of deliberation about...I have hummed and harred about it... I took the plunge tonight and ordered some new ones... Not fancy ones, just nice Green Safety ones, just incase I get something heavy on my foot..... This means that I shall have to throw out my old ones....what is it about wellies...maybe when the new ones arrive, I won't mind. I shall let you know how I get on....I hate throwing things away....thats my problem with everything....sadly ! I am too sentimental for my own good.....I need to get tough !!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sunshine ! ....what is that ..

Trienza enjoying her time out..
Trienza and Tremona, in high spirits..

We have been graced by some sunshine today. It was a very pleasing sight. It is marvellous just how the sun can raise your spirits and warm your heart, especially on these cold dark winter days. I had almost forgotten just what the sun looks like. The snow is melting slowly however the track is still under very thick.

The alpacas were out enjoying the brief sunny day, the temperature is still cold and the wind is definitely on the wintry side. So its not quite spring yet. There is a rumour that we are forecast more snow tonight, I hope not.

The fields are now very soggy and with the milder temperatures, no doubt the mud is to follow. I will have to invest in some new my old ones are sadly beyond repair. I have managed to put it off with the snow. I think that I shall have to get some new ones to keep my feed the mud is round the corner !

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Yipee ....we're out !!.....and where did you get that Hat !

Baby Trio approx 4 months old....

New ' Funky Wellground Alpaca Hat '...... and me.....

Yipeeeeeeeeeee around....... mind the ice !

Work in progress .....

Playing .... around the water bowser......

Today was the first day that I have been able to let the alpacas out for about three weeks...although there was plenty of ice covering the track and the fields....there was a little bit of grass poking through the snow....

The girls and the babies really enjoyed their time out...pronking, rolling ( Zullulah) and generally having a grand old time....its nice to see the animals out in the field after such a long time indoors. Mind you I'm pleased that I have the buildings to house them, especially after such horrendous weather.

I had to lead the older boys out up the track as it was just a sheet of ice... I didn't want any injuries, we tip-toed back in tonight down the bed.

Some regular readers of my blog will recall my Wellground Survival Kit that I gratefully received from Rob n Les a couple of days ago....I mentioned that I would be showing the new Hat.....well its here's a picture for you to see the finished result....My 'Funky Alpaca Hat'...... I think it would look good on the piste....!! for anyone interested I have made the pattern up, I do like to try and make each item I'm really pleased with the thank-you once again for my lovely goodies....I think I'll be wearing this, its lovely and warm and it might even replace my usual old faithful !

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wellground Survival Kit .... A Big Thank-you !!

I have had a busy day today....what with one thing and another...

I got the quad bike stuck up the field, I have been walking up to feed the birds and the local I thought that I'd try going up with the quad....I got so far, but the snow was still too deep and yes I got stuck ! I tried to free it, but in the end I had to go for the tractor and pull it out....thankfully I managed. This put me a little behind for my evening chores....

As it was getting dark...I then had to take the dogs for a walk, I decided to walk down to the postbox....up until now I have had no post for a couple of weeks...we went to the postbox and it was bursting with two parcels and post. I was pleased that my walk had not been in vein.

I carried my parcels and post back home, placed it inside and went out to do my evening chores as it was getting dark. I came in and I knew what one parcel was from my catalogue. I have been waiting for some post. I received an email from Rob n Les at Wellground to keep an eye out for the tonight I received my 'Wellground Survival Kit' very, very nice surprise indeed and a very kind thought.... and yes it has put a big smile on my face !!

A massive thank-you for all those lovely items... including the toilet roll !!! I will be knitting a beautiful Wellground Alpaca Hat asap... with the lovely yarn you included for will be on the blog when completed.

A very kind though indeed...and very much appreciated, by little old me.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Melting Moments......

Mmm..... what can you say !

Tonight I decided to have a moment with the girls and babies, after tea I had a sit in the shelter and guess who decided to join me for company. Yes you guessed girl, Minstrel she sat down right next to me and we had a cuddle, she puts her head on your lap and will stay there for as long as you like having a head stroke ! Zienna and Zullulah joined us and we had quite a gathering at one point.....this was a special alpaca moment, something which is really quite bizarre. How nice is that, completely unrequested and by consent.

After a little while I noticed that Zullulah was having a feed from her mother Marquette. It was really very strange, she was lying down having her strange is that, she has taken to sitting whilst feeding, apparently this is normal to her, its really quite strange how different personalities develop and how some have their own habits likes and dislikes.

These alpacas are quite bizarre and really do enchant you with their behaviour. I felt like Mrs Doolittle at one point....maybe I am reincarnated, sometimes its just what you need to lift your spirits...I think that all animals pick up on your mood, I do believe that they also feel and sense emotions on an animal level, but never the less, definitely respond to your behaviour and body language. Us humans just need to take the time to appreciate it, I think that it gets lost in an all too busy world. However its a bit like stopping to smell the roses, or taking the time to gaze at a beautiful view.......sometimes its there right under your nose, but we don't manage to see it !!!!

Anyway....... On a lighter note....we are starting to thaw......more melting moments are on the way no doubt !!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stuck in the Snow ... ..... ..... Viva Zanzibah !!

Haggis .... waiting for his tea !
Beautiful ....

Ok, Im not quite an alpaca ..... anyone for snow balls ?

Today, I had a visitor....which was remarkable !...mind you mentioning no names to avoid embarrassment, and yes it was a lady driver she did get stuck in the snow. I had advised her to park at the bottom of the track as it was just passable by the tractor. However you know us lady drivers...she continued, and ended up stuck in the deep snow......with a Landrover......even these get stuck sometimes......

There was nothing else for it to call for the cavalry...reinforcements... a massive big 4 x 4 tractor.....pulled it out with ease ! so the moral of the story is....I told you so....the snow is really deep up the track and its much easier not to bother at the moment. I had to go down to the main road the other day to collect some animal feed, I was amazed at just how bad the roads are before you get to the main road......All the way along the road there was massive 5ft banks, that had been cleared with the plough, thankfully we have had no more snow, just freezing temperatures -6c at the moment.. however I know that other areas are not so badly affected, hardly having any snow....not here unfortunately.

After being rescued, we climbed onto the quad and went back to attend to the animals, then had a well earned cake and cuppa. Thankfully my anonymous visitor brought me some supplies to re-stock the cupboards....I was very grateful. I am hoping to be able to get out with the car sometime in January !!

It looks like the snow is here to stay, no give in the temperatures at all. In fact its been much colder over the last couple of days. The snow is very powdery and impossible to get a grip on.

We will battle on........ Viva Zanzibah !!!!! as once said by someone 'Mighty'.....!!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Triumph over Adversity !!..........

A winter wonderland....

The snow is deep here.... where it has been drifting across the track.
I have made tracks.....we can now walk to the postbox !

Its a long walk...if you can't get your car out.

Haggis and Dougal.... these boys are well suited to this weather !

Firstly I would just like to apologise for my lack of blogging over the last month, life has dealt me a difficult hand at the moment and I just was in a negative frame of mind. I would also like to wish everyone a much Happier New Year .....glad to see the back of 2009 !!

Mind you, we have been struggling up here in Bonny White Scotland with the snow !... its the worst winter apparently for over 20 years here, typical. According to the weather men. I know that the rest of the country is also struggling with the white stuff.

Anyway......back to my heading. Today I have triumphed over adversity....I have been blocked in for over a week now, I have tried to keep the track open but the snow just keeps coming and filling in the track, I can't get the car out although its a 4x4...the snow is just too deep. I decided to have a go with the tractor...this is a 4x4 and I was concerned to say the least....the snow was over 3ft deep in part of the track especially on the corners where it had bleached across with the wind....there was nothing else for it to have a go......we got down half way no problem. However on the corner, I had a bit of clearing to do with the loader...we managed to push some of the snow out of the way, its tricky as there is a ditch on either side and you don't want to end up in that !!...

At this point I felt like an explorer...... and I did have a degree of Do I, Don't they say ' He who dare wins' right......we dared and we ploughed our way through the huge drifts....I was impressed the tractor....shes a 'goodin' ..... just kept on going.

I was even more impressed. The snow was up above the axles and well over the steering rods...we ploughed our way onwards.......and we triumphed.............I was chuffed to bits......and I felt like I had just 'gone where no man had been, before me'.......although the snow was only really deep for about 80 yards....its a long way if you get stuck. The track is about half a mile long and is covered with snow.

I trundled up to the country road and I have managed to get out to the no post though...I don;t think that the postman will get along the roads to us. We made our way back home and there was one point that the tractor was struggling, but we made it.....

I hope to try and clear the track in order that I may get my car out, so I can go shopping...its a long way in the tractor !! to the shops.

Anyway.....I'll keep you all posted. The alpacas are all inside and the snow is so deep I can't get the doors open, or get the gates open to let them out... I don't think that they mind one bit.