Thursday, 21 March 2013

We are still here !!

Have we been missed .....we are still here, albeit a bit quiet here in Zanzibah Land.  We have snow here at the moment and it is bitterly cold.  This is Zirrius and Rufus a few weeks ago when we had glorious sunshine.

I have taped the horses off as I needed to put the alpacas out, the horses are waiting patiently for their haylage..... at this time of year they are roughed off for the winter .... mind you if the truth be known they have been retired for quite a number of years.... Its been ages since they have been ridden but the desire is still there, just need to find the time and feel more like it, maybe this summer, mind you I say that every summer !

Ah .... this is more like it ... another 'piggy moment'  there are three snouts here .....sleeping, two on my knee and one nearby.  I think its fair to say, this is about as energetic as it gets lately.

This is a photo this afternoon of some of the big boys, sitting around their haylage.  The other boys were in their shelter.  However it soon changes as I appear, they all get up and come to the gate waiting patiently to come into bed.  Tonight they are all tucked up nice and snug.  The weather forecast is for more snow tomorrow and it looks like its going to be cold for a few more days yet.  Its a good job I have plenty of haylage, mind you we are down to 18 bales ....and I kept 70 for us,  its hard to believe that when the bales were stacked the pile was huge and we are onto our last two rows.  I'm usually feeding until May time, so we have a few weeks to go before the grass starts to grow.