Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Showing Off ..... & Time Out

Phoenix .... showing off !!
We have been taking a bit of time out as those who visit my blog will have noticed lately.  It has been quite quiet in Zanzibah Land.  I had some sadness in March and after years of being unwell sadly I lost Zonda, so we have been coming to terms with that, also on my last blog little did I know but a few weeks later Norris became ill and after a battle to treat him sadly it wasn't meant to be and he is no longer with us.  Some times I think everyone needs a little time out.  Especially when difficult times come along, I just haven't been in the mood to blog which is quite unusual for me.
Time waits for no one and we are still here ... battling on !  It nice to be able to have a bit of 'Time Out' with the animals.  I have managed to find a smile from somewhere. 

Doza is the only big boy left.  He has settled in great and I've had him now for over a year.  It was always in my mind that one day I knew that I would no longer have Zonda, I didn't want to be left with no big dog. Here he is having a sniff with Zeuss.

Zyisha has now grown up.  Although she looks a light grey on the surface she has a really dark grey fleece, in amongst all those spots.

What's the big idea .... the younger boys have taken to playing on the island in the pond..... they think its great and often go down for a dip.

The alpacas love the water....

Any one for a quick snog !! ... Oh my goodness .... its part of the appeal for those who don't quite get it.  Thankfully he was locked outside the conservatory at the time.

And finally ... piggy piggy when I was considering Kune Kune piglets.  Someone told me that they only grew the size of a Spaniel .... but from experience .... that's not very accurate !
Norka the porka is the biggest, he is huge.  Noggy is 'piggy in the middle' and Niggy is always eating !
I shall try and keep up to date with the news.  Its lovely to see that most are in the full swing of birthing ... our babies are not due till September, but its not that far away. Its exciting times ahead for us too.  All being well this is the first year that Duke might be a daddy ! He has been a bit of a slow starter.