Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Fleece Glorious Fleece...........This year we yielded 19kg of glorious alpaca fleece, ranging from White, Steel Grey, Mid Brown, Plum Brown, Chestnut Brown and Black and White.

Most of this years fleece has gone off to be spun into luxury hand spun/knitted garments. I myself have kept approx 4kg to spin into various items, I am self taught..... after a number of attempts, lots of frustrated trials and tribulations with my Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel !!.So don't give up......keep at it, its like driving a car or riding a bike, once you have mastered the art....you've cracked it !!

Before you know it you'll be having to drag yourself away from the darn thing, I myself find spinning very theraputic and really enjoy the whole experience, from keeping these wonderful animals, the hours of fun, you spend wasting your time looking at them!!!, getting the luxuriou fleece on shearing day, time touching and appreciating this wonderful soft fibre, to the end product, something hand made unique.........something to wear with pride, with the knowledge that you have seen the whole process and the knowing that this animal has provided you with endless amounts of self satisfaction.

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