Friday, 24 October 2008

We have had Visitors !!!!

We have had more visitors today, checking out the Alpacas, and enjoying some 'hands-on' experience with my boys.

Anne and Richard came to visit us and see our coloured Alpacas, with their family, I think they all enjoyed spending time with the animals and getting to know them.

We even took they younger boys down the track for a little walk !!..

Zeuss was walked by Charis, Mirian lead Zaninni and Anne toiled with Zerquo, he's a little finicky on the lead, but everyone did very well.

I think the experience was enjoyed by all !

Anne, even left with some fleece, to spin with, I expect it will be turned into some luxury garment by the next time I see them all.


Lucy said...

My you have been busy! Will be looking to take the boys out down the track when we come over next time! Your coos look great in the autumn light, lovely colour. See ya soon, Lucy x

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thanks - Lucy, I just thought I'd put a blog on about Haggis and Dougal !!....It' will be Sarah Bonnet next !!!!

You should have said, you can take the boys out any-time, I never thought !...the time went so quickly when you were over. Next time you can have a wander, any time you fancy, a trek.....I've got no llamas though !!!! can bring the inflato ones !!!! for a wander if you so desire !!!!!