Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sniffing Sunday.....Miserable Monday......Tissue Tuesday !!

All 6 poles are in position !....phase One.....complete !!

Dougal...he's having a pedicure tomorrow !......all being well....he got in the wood last week...!!

My new little tractor.....and mower....its great !!.......

I have had a thoroughly miserable few days..with my cold ! I have spent most of yesterday evening asleep in bed, which was unusual for me....I was feeling awful and decided to have an early night.

Although spending most of my time in and out of several handkerchiefs.......I managed to go and collect some of the sheeting for the barn. it was quite a busy day yesterday with a couple of exciting new deliveries.....when I returned, the wood was being delivered for the rafters which will eventually be the roof ! I was hoping to get the roof fixed to the poles, however I doubt this will happen this time due to my cold....putting a bit of a spanner in the works !!

I had just got back to un-hitch the trailer, with the sheeting on and the other more exciting delivery turned up.....a little orange......looking very smart and very cute ......this will be brilliant for the farm....and the jobs I have in store for it.....Its a little Kubota 4x4 compact tractor, with a trail behind mower deck ! I have been looking for ages...for something which will do several jobs....(1) to cut the track round the wood....as it grows so much during the summer you can't walk round it...unless your are Indiana Jones with a death wish, round the nettles....!! (2) for cutting the track edges up to the farm, (3) for harrowing the fields..instead of using the quad, or the big tractor..its just too cumbersome ! and apart from that this little tractor is diesel, much more economical than the quad .....I could go on....but I won't !

So this little machine is going to be a great asset....and apart from that its....very cute and has been very well looked after.....I'm chuffed to bits with it ! Its a little present from my parents and even although feeling thoroughly miserable...I just had to have a go with it !....a few minor changes...and I was off...to have a trial run....

Today...I still have a miserable cold...my nose is running like a tap and is really sore, I can't breathe and I'm fed up with it ! I think I have MAN FLU !! haha..!!

I have battled on and we have managed to get all the poles in position......6 to be precise !!

So its looking great and the others are now well and truly set. We have filled in the trench and tidied up the surrounding area.

We managed to finish off the other 2 remaining poles today and hopefully these will also set in a couple of days.

I have a big day tomorrow......Me and Dougal have an appointment with the vets...... for those who know.....its the day all being well Dougal will have his feet trimmed !

He is my rather unpredictable Highland Cow, I need to be feeling fit ! He will be darted by myself, with a Medi-Dart...its a special crossbow ! all the way from America !!

You just can't take any chances with this sort of job....its just too dangerous and he's just too big to fit in a Highland crush.....so tomorrows...D-Day !

Wish me luck......I'm rather apprehensive....I've been doing a bit of practice on a bale of straw....but things can all change on the day. I will be pleased when its all over and he's got nice new trimmed toes....and he's back on his feet.....its going to be a bit of an ordeal....but it has to be done.....hopefully all going well......maybe some photos.... tomorrow .....!!!


Terry said...

Oh Jayne, I hope you feel much better for Dougal's appointment. Do be careful! He is such a big guy!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Now that's a cute tractor...suits you!

Good luck with Dougal and hope you feel better soon...you are meant to feel better after a holiday although I know the feeling!

Rosemary said...

Jayne! Hope you are feeling better today - you need to be with Dougal to contend with! Will be thinking of you!

Mark said...

Wow, you have to dart Dougal, with a crossbow! Fantastic! That is so cool.

Hope it all goes well with the vet.

Very nice tractor by the way.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

OMG you be careful with that crossbow!

Hope you and Dougal are feeling better.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Impressed with the barn - Get well soon and good luck with Dougal.