Friday, 16 November 2012

Gone Truckin ..... I wish !!!!!!!

Have I been missed ! ... Ive been considering changing my profession !!

Some people might know that I grew up around HGV's my Dad had his own haulage business and I always wanted to be a driver !  But he didn't want to encourage me .. I think he thought he might never get retired if he had !  So I took a slightly different path, however that desire has always burned brightly. 

I had a great surprise on Wednesday ... when we were greeted by this coming up my little track to the farm.  I usually make sure that big wagons don't venture up to the farm, but this was a visit with a difference.  All those years ago, my dad used to take Kingsly with him driving and Kingsly grew up around wagons and he did indeed became a HGV driver !  He now drives all over the country delivering huge cranes to building sites.  This is what hauls them to their destination, what a gorgeous wagon and it must be great to be behind the wheel tramping down the motorways with this bit of kit ! 

There was a crane to be delivered to Dyce and one to collect to take back to the North East.... so I got a massive surprise to see this on a farm visit.  I have made some arrangements, if there is ever a need for a spare driver.... I'm first in the queue. 

I did manage a little drive !  I couldn't resist having a go ... its a bit of a tight squeeze up here but we managed ..... I'm now reconsidering my future .. farming or trucking .... that is the question !!
It was a lovely surprise to see my visitors ... but I'm just a bit envious .... I could see me trading the overall for a truck !
On the farm side of things, we are still doing battle with Zirrianna and her skin problems, we are not exactly winning that war just yet. I've had a few other issues which are still on going regarding Zonda, she has been quite poorly lately. 
So this was a nice surprise visit. 


Shirley said...

Bet he wondered where on earth his satnav was taking him when he came to visit. Thats a great rig - keep on trucking Jayne! Shirley & Robbie

Rob @ Wellground said...

Nice Rig Missus.... ;o))

Missed ya !

Rob n Les

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good luck with the poorly ones Jayne.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Now that's one nice set of wheels!

WillowBank Alpacas said...

Hey Jayne I also have a thing about big rigs ever since I first watched Smokey and the Bandit! What a cracker.

Judi B said...

No'd have leave your alpacas to fend for themselves whilst you were off galavanting in your truck! I'm sure you would be miserable if you changed career!
Do hope the poorly ones are soon well again. For skin issues, have you tried Nu-Stock? It's a sulphur and other things, cream, smells it should really be good! Useful Llama sell it and will post over.

Terry said...

So sorry to hear that Zirriana and Zonda are doing poorly. I hope they turn around soon.

That rig is huge! I would be scared to drive that thing!