Saturday, 29 August 2009

Visitors from Far and Wide !

I was visited on Wednesday by a lovely lady called Irma, who found us on the Internet. She is originally from Holland but now lives in Aberdeen.

She is currently studying for her 4th year BA Hons degree in Textile and Surface Design at Aberdeen University. To cut a very long story sort, Irma was interested in alpaca fibre for her project, she is hoping to create something either in wall art, sculpting or weaving.

So needless to say, Irma was fascinated with the alpacas, and their fabulous fleece. She had with her a scrumptious Vanilla and Poppy seed cake, so this was enjoyed with a cup of tea ! ..home made of course.

How time flies when you are having fun, we talked crafting, spinning, knitting design and so on !!....and something which I have never done, felting !!...I have often wondered how you do it.

Irma left with bags of fleece to create something I'm sure will be fantastic .... and then I received a lovely gift in the post. A fantastic Felting Book and felting items to get me started courtesy of Irma.

Needless to say I have been inspired, by this lovely gift....I can feel a bit of felting coming on !!

Watch this space. I hope this is the start of a lovely friendship and I can't wait to see what Irma will design and create with the alpaca fleece.

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