Monday, 31 August 2009

What do you think of That !!!!...

My first Felted Garment !....hand crafted by little old me !
Its marvellous what you can do, when you have a go !

I have been like a little girl this afternoon, reading my new Felting Book....and thus inspired me to have a go !!

So I couldn't wait...I got all the bits 'n' pieces I needed and set to. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, it reminded me of my school days as a little girl.

I have been inspired to create a master piece !! first felted garment, well ok its a small garment but still something to wear. A felt scarf. This is a blend of Trienza (Dark Fawn)Tremona (Light Fawn) and Zakhura (Black).

I am so excited I couldn't even wait for the scarf to dry before I took it out into the garden for the photo shoot....

So what do you think of that, I'm chuffed to bits with the result, especially as it was my first attempt.....there's no stopping me now....Yipee !!!


Mark said...

I love it! I want one! You are a star!
You are obviously a fantastic person with great skill. Keep it up!

irma said...

Hi Jayne, fantastic, well done! Happy felting.

Debbie said...

I told you it's easy, well done it looks fab!