Friday, 29 January 2010

Its Freezing !!

Zeto, he needs that coat on a day like this.
Zullulah and Zienna ...nosey !

Waiting at the gate .... to come in

Zaninni, Norris, Zerquo and Zeuss at the haynet......Zanubis is no where to be seen !! (younger boys).

The older boys....Socks, Zelqui and Zorba at the haynet !

Cor blimey !....its freezing up here in Scotland today. Even the alpacas have been shivering, the weather men forecast -4 with the wind chill, but Its biting cold.

Poor Zaninni was shivering this afternoon when I went out with the camera. Its normally the babies who steal the lime light, so I thought that I'd take a couple of photos of the others just to even it up a bit.

I was greeted by the whole group, who was ready at the gate waiting to come in !...when I appeared with the camera. All the alpacas ran into bed tonight out of the cold.

Slightly changing the subject, I have taken delivery of my new wellies !!... I must confess, I haven't thrown out my old ones. The new ones are nice green and shiny, my old ones are comfortable, like comfy slippers, but with a hole in (sadly). I have been wearing the new ones, making myself get acquainted with them.... They do a good job at keeping my feet dry, which is the whole idea. So I must persevere with them. There now muddy and have been test driven over the last couple of days !

We have had hail and a little snow today, mind you I did get a glimpse of the Sun, briefly. However, we are all tucked up in bed tonight, the wind is bitterly cold and blowing as I type.

The wood fire is on and the dogs are snoozing by the fire. Contentment is the secret of life.

There's no place like Home !!! ... If I click my heels three times..... I'm still here !!, just without the red shoes !!....but I have the Green Wellies !!!!!! ..... and I'm not dreaming.


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Zeto has tonnes of fleece, I'm looking forward to see him in the flesh when we next venture up.

Glad the wellies arrived, we have had snow again today :-(

Rob @ Wellground said...

Leave the red shoes to Dorothy, put Toto under your arm and enjoy the scenery around you.... ;o))

Rob n Les

Knapper Alpakka said...

We're looking forward to warmer weather too. The alpacas were fine in -33C, but when the temp rose to -10C they were up and about and playing in the snow :-)

Zeto looks great, btw :-) Love his colour and pattern.