Friday, 17 September 2010

Unusual Garden Visitor !

I couldn't believe it.....just outside the window !

By chance I happened to look out of the window this evening around 6pm. I couldn't believe what was in the garden about 3 ft off the ground. Perched on the Fir was a Pied Woodpecker...

I have seen them up the wood before, in fact I feed them there. Sometimes they visit the garden but never this low.....! It was looking around for food. It then flew over to an old strainer in the fence and proceeded to have a look there for some tea !

I decided to get my camera out and take a couple of photos, there not that good but I think you can see its a Woodpecker ! After I took a couple of photos...I went into the kitchen to get a string of Peanuts/Fat balls which I had bought the other I have placed this in the Fir tree...just in case returns.

Thankfully, the cat was snoozing in the conservatory at the time ....Phew !!


Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Jayne,

Great picture, It looks like the Great Spotted Woodpecker than we have in our paddocks. We get the Green Woodpecker here too.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

The sight of a Woodpecker on a tree takes some beating, they're so timid - I bet you moved like lightning to get your camera - and that pecking sound, without getting a headache! our doorknocker is a Woodpecker(brass)!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I've seen the Green Woodpeckers down south, but never in Scotland..I usually have 3 that feed up the wood, along with Red Squirrels....:-)...Jayne

Terry said...

Nice! That's a big woodpecker! I've never seen one here on the prairie - probably not enough trees - but we do get flickers once in a while.