Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Visitors from America !!

Mona, Jane and Patti....with the alpacas....
Mona...went to see Haggis.....

Mona and Patti....went for a walk to see Haggis.....

Here at Zanzibah Alpacas...we have had visitors from America. Three lovely ladies who came to see the alpacas. They have been in Scotland researching some family history, while they were here it was a surprise for Mona to come and visit the alpacas, her cousin Jane (from Hastings) had arranged it, only the piper to find now...and the list is complete !!

Mona has llamas and a number of animals in America including 2 alpacas, she uses her animals to interact with children who have special needs. You can visit her webpage at www.monasark.org . Unfortunately the weather was not that good and it was quite wintry. Thankfully I had brought the alpacas in...so they could get up close and personal with them.

Obviously we discussed...knitting, felting and the latest knit-ware was inspected. Neither of the ladies had ever seen a Highland Cow...in Scotland and they were amazed at Haggis and Dougal....a photo opportunity was required, to record the moment.

The T-shirts the ladies are wearing were designed by one of the children who attend Mona's therapy classes ...........quite appropriate for the day.

We retreated into the house as the wind and rain began to fall. My friend Anna came round to play the domestic goddess....and we had lashings of tea....and cakes......and soup...I must confess....from the local supermarket....!!

Jane, Mona and Patti are now on their way to Braemar for the evening...then back down south and I believe that they travel back to the US at the weekend, after their whirlwind...tour. Just that elusive piper to find....for Monica..

All in all a lovely afternoon.....its always nice to spend....quality time with nice people.....who also enjoy seeing the animals...

Safe journey home !!

I'm now off out to do the nigh-time jobs are the weather is awful....and yes..you've guessed it..the alpacas....are coming in to bed !!
Its not fit for man nor beast out there.....waterproof's required .... I think !!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Looks like they got the full scottish weather experience!!

Shirley said...

Hi Jayne, Had a look at Mona's web site - very interesting. We have had several groups of Learning Disabled adults to see the boys (Robbie worked with these adults for 9 years) and they really enjoy the visit. Lovely weather here - where are you getting all your rain from?!