Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vaccinations, Toenails & A Black n Blue Knee for Me !!

Dusty has a strange hanger on !!
Zeto, Duke and Zullulah are now back in the weaning paddock.......

Dusty with her cling-on !! and Zakhura.....(Mother and Daughter)

Today I had a few routine jobs to do with the alpaca the title suggests.....last years cria needed a Multi Vit injection which went ok, then it was time for a few toe-nails to be trimmed, my mam helped hold onto some of the alpacas. The worst offender was Zienna, she was a real nuissance to keep a hold of ! we managed eventually with a bit of a struggle and a sweat on ! Duke was being a real pest when we had to trim Trienza's toes..he was humming and just wouldn't get out of the way !!....he has taken a liking to her at the moment...he is a real strange boy..he is fascinated with different girls at different times, he was infatuated with Zullulah a couple of months it has been Trienza !!

I was just finishing off the toe-nails of Dusty when I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time......I received a nice hearty kick off Pacosha, who caught me fair and square on the knee...this is the 3rd good kick I have received off her ..over the I am now modelling a nice black and blue knee....I wouldn't mind but its the same leg she got me on the last time...I really should know better...I was so interested in doing Dusty's toes..I forgot about Pacosha !! I will try and remember..for the next time !!

Anyway after the wrestling with the girls I managed to get done what I needed to, I didn't want to push it as my mam was helping and going back I didn't want her going back injured !! Mind you I didn't even attempt the worse one....this is Tremona..she is so flighty and needs some lead weights just to bring her down to earth..let alone...trying to do the toe's...maybe next time....I'll give her a pedicure........I need a strong extra pair of hands..just to hang on to her..then there is Zaninni...he has a kick like a any brave volunteers...need just apply.... funny how the previous owners forget to mention just how problamatic this toe-nail trimming can be !!!!

After all this was time to separate some of last years cria again, the younger boys are getting the romantic urge...with some of the girls and are becoming a bit of a pest !! so these had to be removed back to the weaning paddock, where they will stay now until they are old enough to be introduced into the main bachelor group next year. I have also removed Zullulah from the girls for the time being, she had taken to feeding back from her mum Marquette...and she was letting her, this was not good as hopefully Marquette is now pregnant, Zullulah will be re-weaned again for several weeks, I will keep her from the main group as long as I can, providing she is not being pestered by the boys. Zeto and Duke.

So we have had a bit of a change around in preparation for the winter. My parents are going back home tomorrow for a well earned rest......


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

It must have been the day for moving and jobs. Duke is certainly going to be a ladies man isn't he! Give him a big kiss from me.

Terry said...

Jayne, you are a hard worker! Hope your knee feels better soon.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Sounds like it was a day for bruises yesterday...I am sure many an alpaca gets put on the for sale list based on lack of pedicure compliance!

Anonymous said...

Ohh my God, they are so cute!