Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Great Escape !!....

Mam and home, for a rest !

I have been getting a new pet Turkey !.....she(think) is about 7 weeks old...first day out in her new home !.....I have called her Tara Palmer Tompkinson (TPT) she has a long thin neck !!!

Some of the Zanzibah herd....enjoying the afternoon in the new larger field...if you look close, you can see the boys admiring them......over in the other field !

My special friend.....Haggis...after his brush, last night.

Let sleeping dogs lie !......Zonda sleeping with a little pest ! Jessie.

Well yesterday saw my parents head home for a well earned rest and the Great Escape back to the North East.

The pace has been relaxed considerably here for a brief moment......I have been watching the weather forecast and its looking like the second week in Aug is pencilled in for the start of the next quest......the haymaking experience !!

Yesterday I spent some time pottering around...doing a few catch up little jobs, I managed to pick some of the lovely Red Currants in the garden, and ended up making some jam. Most of the currant bushes are in the orchard, the chickens have managed to pinch the berries off these, but I don't mind.

I have moved the alpaca girls back into the 3 acre field, with the Nick Nacks and the younger girls, Zienna and Zakhura....the grass was getting down in the little birthing paddock and there is plenty in the other field, so I now have two groups....the boys and the others in opposite fields.

Its great to watch the babies running round the larger field and the speeds that they get up to is long as we have no mishaps ! I must say, I have also been bringing the girls in from the flies in the afternoon....they have been horrendous......lately in this field, they all have a siesta in the barn, then go out later for the evening for a few hours........

Last night I also managed to spend some time grooming my enormous hairy teddy bear, no not alpacas.....but Haggis, my lovely Highland Cow.....he is moulting and he has big tufts of old hair that hang on, Haggis grooms Dougal but sadly Dougal doesn't return the favour !! So every year round this time, I get my little hand rake out and groom Haggis, he stood for over an hour last night enjoying the experience, he is a lovely boy and he is very special !! I had managed to do one side a few weeks ago, but with the barn building he had the other side left to do, he is now looking very handsome with his new combed look......tuft-less !!

Needless to say, Dougal stood and watched the whole grooming experience, from a safe distance, he is still on the agenda....for those feet to be trimmed.

A bit of a lazy day today, but no doubt I shall end up doing something, I have some fleeces to sort out and some spinning on the agenda........mind you those jobs are really quite enjoyable !

Its a cooler day here today, with scattered showers, as I sit typing I can see the girls and the babies cantering round the field........what a wonderful view....I know lots of you out there have the same lovely scenery to I'm do just that !!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Glad to see Mum and Dad are still smiling after all the barn building...or is that because they are looking forward to the rest ahead!!

Terry said...

Haggis is looking fabulous! What a sight he is.

Rosemary said...

Wow - Haggis!
The babies charging around are a wonderful sight! How on earth you manage jam making as well amazes me!

Shirley said...

Job done - well done the hit squad! That Haggis is a braw looking laddie right enough! Enjoy the break before the next job comes along! Shirley & Robbie

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Your dad didn't stop at my hill on the way past to build my barn - what went wrong?!

Any sign of the remaining babies yet?