Saturday, 23 July 2011

Phase 7 !!.....

We are getting there...!! Mam and Dad.....with one side complete ....

Zirrianna, she is now a month old !

The youngest, Zirrius(fawn) and Zimushka(grey) enjoying the sunny weather !

Zirrius is a sweetie, he is very friendly and comes to greet you.

The gate has been fitted to divide the barn.

It has been another very busy couple of days.....

The work force is is rapidly getting weaker by the day.....we are fighting a loosing battle with all the aches and this rate ....we will be needing a fork lift to get us out of bed in the morning !

I have spent the last couple of days making the doors, to cover the opening at the furthest side of the barn, these will protect what ever is inside the barn from the elements, either bales or alpacas.....who knows......but one thing for sure...this barn will be full of something over the winter months...!

We also have hung one of the gates on the inner side of the barn to divide the main section from the shorter section, this gate will also stop the horses...from pinching the hay, as they usually do after the barn is stacked.....up for the winter.

The other side of the barn across from the opening, also either will be used to store straw, or alpacas...depending on who goes where....I'm still sorting out the finer points.
Today, we have got one side finished and we are hoping to get the other side finished for tomorrow. I will then just have the other door to make to finish off the other side.

The alpacas are doing fine, the babies are doing well, enjoying playing with eachother, it is great to see them starting to develop. Zirrianna is now 4 weeks old today and little Zirrius is exactly one week old today.

I'm a little undecided if there are any more babies to come......Marquette is too large not to be pregnant, and she had us convinced she was going to have her baby on Thursday....!! she was behaving very strangely, I was sure she was in her first stages of labour, however...after a couple of hours of keeping a close eye on her.......nothing happened...and I think it was a false alarm ! is like winter here at the moment......more like October than July !

Lets hope the summer soon comes back........its far too soon to be feeling like winter !!


Terry said...

Congratulations on the progress!
All the babies are adorable, but I have a soft spot for Zirrius. What a doll!

Shirley said...

You and the Hit Squad have done a great job on the barn, Jayne - it looks the business. Well done! The cria look great. Similar weather here, jumpers and jackets back on! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

The cria are looking gorgeous Jayne...Mum and Dad look the biz too!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Your mam and dad will be ready to come home from a rest. When they do send them via our new hill I need a new shed! Are they any good at houses?!

Babies are looking very sweet, they soon grow up don't they.