Saturday, 2 June 2012

Gremlins !!

 Spot the Difference !

 Zeto, getting sheared ..
 Rufus being sheared ... for the very first time ! Ah ... Bless him !!
All the young boys are now done !
Zimushka ... looking very different
Mother hen with her chicks now 4 weeks old !
Zeto, sporting his new summer look !

Zanubis has a smile for the camera


Zoretah is as cute as a button !

The Big Boys... checking eachother out

As of Thursday we are all done and dusted !

The alpacas are all wearing their new cooler summer look.

Although the weather is fine during the day, it is still very cold on an evening.  Hence they have all been coming in for bed.....this will be until they get acclimatised to their new ....sleek look.
Their fleece is so thick before shearing, that I think it is unfair to expect them to acclimatise immediately and it usually takes a week or two for them to get accustomed to their lack of coat.  Last nigh several of them were shivering inside the barns.

The babies especially seem to feel the cold, this is their first time being sheared and it will take a week or two before they harden up !
So this is a good job well done, I had 31 alpacas for shearing not 32 as previously mentioned.....!
It will soon be time for the babies to start arriving all over again, I have one girl who is due as of yesterday then the others are due mid July.

So we only have a few weeks to go, until the pitter patter of tiny feet !


Terry said...

They look so cute!
31! What a big job!

Shirley said...

Glad the shearing went well Jayne and hope this northerly wind drops soon - it's freezing here, even in the sun! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

They look great sheared especially handsome Zeto! Hope your weather soon picks up so that those alpacas can enjoy not having their fur coats on!

yipeng said...
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