Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Not long Now !!

              Well its not long now  till the big shear !

We all have been feeling the heat .... but true to form as the shearing approaches the temperature falls ... it has already started to get much cooler.

Zullulah with her full fleece, she will look much different on Thursday.

Zoretah has managed to collect a nice stash of straw in her fleece...the babies do like to make a mess !

 Marquette and Zirrianna having an afternoon snooze

Thursday is the big day for us here at Zanzibah Land .... we are all booked in to the hairdressers early morning.  I have 32 alpacas waiting for a designer new look, which will mean I will have lots of bags of fleece once again to ponder over.

I have just managed to sort out what I was doing with my last batch, infact I had a lovely phone call yesterday from The Border Mill.  My fleece is due to be balled up and will be back with us maybe as early as next week........how exciting is that.....I have also had confirmation, that all that pondering was worth while, it is always nice to have a completely different opinion, especially a professional one !  Looks like my colour matches and choice was a good one, as I was complimented by them on '....how lovely the colour choices of the yarn was !!   I am really excited for this special delivery, no doubt I shall share the excitement with you all soon.

This is a first for me as I usually just hand spin my yarns.  But this year I have managed to branch out and I hopefully will be able to offer more choices for either sales or just using a different quality and texture of yarns for my ever expanding knitwear collection.

No doubt next time we will be posting we will be looking much sleeker and cooler.


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Glad John managed to get hold of you. It's so exciting to see what comes back isnt't it. Looking forward to seeing the yarn and some slick alpacas!!!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

We too are shearing Thursday...rain is forecast!!

Judi B said...

Good luck shearing, hope you have a fine day for it!

Terry said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope the weather is perfect.

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