Saturday, 13 October 2012

Back where they should be !

Today I have moved the cows back into their field.  I kept a very close eye on Dougal all evening, he slept most of the night, he only got up twice in 8 hours to go to the toilet.  Then straight after he went and lay back down. 

Both of the cows moved back up into their field this morning, I decided that it was best for them to go out.  It was a lovely day. I think that Haggis stood up for the whole time they were in the barn.  I think he didn't want to lie down in the barn because he is old and sometimes takes a bit of time to stand.

However, as soon as they had got into their field, both of them had a good long drink then straight for a lie down.  Here are the cows up at the top of the field.  Haggis was enjoying the rest and Dougal was keeping a safe distance !

I am very pleased that this job has been done.  I love my Highland Cows, but you have to respect their strength and size, both boys are a fabulous sight to see.  Even the vet commented on the span of their horns and how impressive they are. 
Yesterday during the quest to dart Dougal.  Haggis stuck to him like glue, he stood side by side with him and would not leave him.  After he was darted, the sedation began to work, Dougal went and lie down, Haggis went over to him and put his horns under Dougals to force him back up he virtually lifted Dougal back onto his feet.  This stopped Dougal from going to sleep.  If  I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it.  After that Haggis remained side by side with his pal, as if to protect him ..... animals do have a very close bond, we should never under estimate their affection for eachother.
Haggis kept a very close vigil on his friend all night.  He didn't seem to eat much at all.  I think this was because Dougal was sleeping and Haggis wasn't going to eat without his friend. 
Tonight both boys are back where they should be .... free to graze and roam in their field as usual.....
I am much happier and I know in a couple of days Dougal will feel the benefit !


Terry said...

They are magnifecent creatures! What a wonderful bond they have.

Rosemary said...

That's lovely!
Glad Dougal is back on his feet again - those horns are immense!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

What age are they Jayne? They are fabulous.

Shirley said...

Really magnificent beasts Jayne - you can be rightly proud of them. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Great to see that Dougal is now sorted after his pedicure. The attachment those boys have is lovely to read about.