Monday, 15 October 2012

Big Boys .... Birthdays !

This blog is mainly to answer Dave's question, from Apple Vale Alpacas.  Regarding how old the Highland Cows are. 
Haggis is 16 yrs old ...he was born on the 1st Jan 1996.  I have owned Haggis since he was 3.  He was destined to go where many sadly end up..... however for Haggis I bought him as a pet and that's the way he will stay until the end, the farmer guy who bought the herd had to take him as the people who were selling them would not separate the group.  The saving grace for Haggis was, he was too old to be sent away .... as he had passed the 32 month age limit .... and I came along and fell in love with him .... we have shared plenty of happy and sad times together !

Dougal is 10 yrs old, he was born on the 2nd November 2002....  I purchased Dougal to be a companion for Haggis.  I have owned Dougal since he was approx 5 months old. 
Both of these boys will stay with me for as long as they are destined to be on this planet.... I have no intentions of parting with them .... even after all this time, I still look at them with admiration. 
This place just wouldn't be the same without them, I love to look over the field and see them grazing happily or lying down enjoying their surroundings.
When Dougal was sedated on Friday, I had a lovely up close cuddle with him.  I gave him a lovely ear tickle ....and really enjoyed being able to stroke his head and nose.  He is feeling much happier today, keeping a healthy distance between us .... he is happy for me to be approx 4ft away from him, just close enough for him to have his evening bucket.
For me they sum up the spirit of Scotland, roaming amongst the mountains....their strength and majesty is really quite unique. 


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Just caught up after a busy few days; glad all went well, and I can only ditto yesterday's comments; magnificent boys.

Mark said...

They truly are magnificent looking animals and they are lucky to have you!

Bev said...

How lovely to be able to give a home to two such magnificent animals, and admire them every day. Great blog.

Judi B said...

Those boys are truly magnificent, what a thrill you must get every time you look down the field!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

...and funnily enough, our neighbour has a small herd here, on the soft, Somerset lowlands!

Terry said...

I have only seen a few in person - can't imagine seeing these big guys every day! What a treat.

MoviePrincess said...

You have a really nice blog. Some of the animals on your pics I've seen it here first. Thank you for sharing this. Bookmarkd your site for your future posts.

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