Wednesday, 30 January 2013

We have Wind !!

We are being battered by the wind here, most of the snow has now melted. which is good.  This is a view up to the farm last week.  The winds are estimated at 60/80 mph and don't we know it.  I have locked up all the barns and the alpacas have spent today inside as it was just far to dangerous to try and open the doors today to let them out !  I'm sure they don't mind as its quite cosy,it has given me a chance to catch up with the worming for the whole herd.  At this time of year we use Combinex, which covers both regular worms and Fluke.

I couldn't resist this photo.... if you have an itch ... well you just gota scratch it !  Norka out on his walk the other week.  He stopped in mid trot sat down and had a good old scratch !!

This is Zakhura and her cria Zazu last week going out.  He is a lovely colour just like his dad.  Zazu is the first male cria to be born here sired by Zanubis.

Zimushka (f) and Zanto (r), these two are brother and sister, if you hadn't guessed .......we have three just like this ..... Zeto he is the oldest of my home bred greys born here.  It will be very interesting to see if this year .... we get a fourth one just like it. 

This is Zirdar, he is half brother to Zirrius ..... can you spot the similarities !!  Marquette is behind, he baby Zodo is nowhere to be seen.

I am little late at weaning this year, mainly to do with the weather, I'm hoping in a week or so I will sort out the arrangements .....I'm hoping to give the little paddock a bit of time to dry out, before I turn the babies in there.  As its just far too wet at the moment after all the snow.


Judi B said...

Lots of snow! Bet you'll be glad to see the back of it and at least the high winds, whilst horrible to be out in, will help to dry things off a bit.

Rosemary said...

Lovely photos!
We have had high winds here as well - one mobile field shelter took off again last night!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

We've only just started weaning, after getting the snow out of the way, and hopefully not so much rain, though we've had a fair bit so far this week!

Irene McDonald said...

Hope you're keeping safe with the high winds. We've had a bit of a battering down here but at least the snow has cleared, now we are almost up to our knees in mud.

Ashdale Alpacas

Terry said...

Stay safe, Jayne. Yes, I see the resemblance - another cutie!

Shirley said...

Last 24 hrs have been pretty wild here too. Hope your snow has all gone now. Shirley & Robbie