Monday, 4 February 2013

Blizzards & Bales !!

What a day ... we have been blasted with blizzards and the weather forecast is due to deteriorate tonight.  I have had a busy day today.  As the rest of the weeks weather is due to be even worse, I needed to sort out the haylage for the alpacas.  They all have access to a large round bale inside the barns and this needed to be replaced.
I also needed to move another four into the lean-to wooden barn, this is used to feed the horses.  It makes life much easier especially when the weather is bad.  This is a new bale just about to go into the barn for the girls, it is still wrapped.

This is the same bale, now opened and ready to be put in the hay-ring.  This was a brief rest bite from the gales and the snow storms.  The sun is out for a brief moment... but not for long.

The big boys have been blasted by a blizzard, you can clearly see the snow covering on their fleece.

I need to use both tractors to do this job, as the big one is too big to get the bale inside the boys barn, so the little one is required... the bale is huge on little Ruby ... she does a good job, it might be a brief job, but its a good job to get the bales placed.... the boys bale usually lasts about a month.
The alpacas have been turfed out, so that I could get the jobs done. Tonight we are all sorted and have battened down the hatches.  Its blowing a gale outside and the snow showers have continued.  I have a nice roaring fire on and I'm having a rest !

Now, yesterday I took the dogs for a walk round the wood, I spied upon a fox, he was siting waiting for something.....the wind was blowing and it didn't know I was there...until the dogs gave the game away that is ...I managed to get a quick photo, then he was off.  The dogs were trying to work out how to cross the burn .... as he was on my neighbours land.

Today's view across the garden .. back to winter !
We have had a busy day ..... but tonight we are all snug inside .... but outside .. its a White-out !!


Rosemary said...

You certainly need that fire tonight!

Shirley said...

Similar conditions here Jayne - good job you have the two tractors for all those heavy jobs. Keep your head down! Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

I don't know how you do it...and then manage to get photos too! Good luck, hope the horrible weather soon passes.

Andrew said...

I want two tractors ! Especially a cute little shiny one.

Terry said...

Brrrr! Stay warm, Jayne. Hope you get a warmup soon.