Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Felting Frenzy !......on a Roll !! ...Now

Ok guess what I've been doing today, yes I've got the felting bug. So I thought I would make something a little larger and keeping to the scarf theme.

I have made another scarf, this one is much larger, it measures about 15" x 60".....so it isn't short on size, if you get my drift.

I have used a blend of Dusty (Grey female) blended with Trienza ( Dark Fawn) and added a little bit of Zakhura (Black) just for effect. The result speaks for itself, I have really enjoyed the whole felting experience and its marvellous how you adapt your own techniques as you go. I'm sure with time these first attempts will look very novice indeed, but for the here and now I'm really quite pleased with the over all result.

Its great to have the whole alpaca experience, from owning and caring for these lovely animals, raising your babies and expanding your herd, then to go and make something quite individual, I think its a real treat. The satisfaction of all aspects from the beginning to the end process is really very rewarding.

So, just to bore you with another of my home made creations.....here is one I made earlier !!...another felted scarf.. I would love to think that I have inspired someone out there to give it a go. Its great !!

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