Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How Time Flies.. and things change !!

What a lovely view........
I might be little............but I got a big attitude !!

Double Trouble .............. Nosey !

Ok, ......... folks to day is my Birthday !

Oh ..........if only I was 21 again ! No lie in for me know when, you think to yourself..I'll have a lie in...then wake up at some ridiculous early hour....yes that's me ! This morning I woke at 5.10 am !....Why I wonder.

It raining outside and is quite a miserable day, so no early morning jobs for me !...I'm determined to stay nice and warm till...later. No doubt the alpacas are tucked up nice and warm in their buildings, doing what I should be doing...sleeping !!

How time flies, it is now 4 years since little old Zanzibah Alpacas grew from a pipe dream into reality, I have grown from 4 pet males for my 40th Birthday !! to now having 19 alpacas, 10 girls and 9 boys...including Barnacre Duke...who is on his way North...its only now 4 weeks till he arrives, all being well.

I have experienced both the highs and lows of owning these fantastic creatures ! The rewards are beyond compare and sadly the lows are heart breakingly painful. It has been a very mixed bag of emotions...since the first alpaca walked into my life !

But together we are making that dream a reality come what may !... We are still here, growing steadily year by year. I am looking to my future and I can see over that horizon !

Dreams are for dreamers......!!! But sometimes in life you have to make it happen. Now we might get lost along the way of life's rich path...but ultimately as long as you keep walking in the right direction, then you will get to where your matter how long it takes, and any way....if its a long haul, why not stop and enjoy the view from time to time !

Rome wasn't built in a Day !! ....and every thing comes to he who waits !

So I will continue to enjoy my little Alpaca Adventure.....and there's just one thing that needs to be said.....'Happy Birthday Zanzibah Alpacas'......were still dreaming and the future is still ............'Fine 'n' Fancy' .


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Happy birthday's wishing you and Zanzibah Alpacas lots of happiness and an exciting future. Barbara x

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Jayne and Happy Birthday Zanzibah Alpacas!

Sid and Pat said...

Happy Birthday Jayne,
Hope the sun shines especially for you today and you can get some time to sit and enjoy that view.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Happy Birthday Jayne, especially from Duke!

Shirley said...

Happy birthday Jayne and Zanzibah ! Great photos.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Happy Birthday Jayne and Zanzibah - lovely thoughts.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thank-you, for all the lovely Birthday Wishes....Some one Mighty once said....'Viva Zanzibah !!'..Jayne x

Lado said...

Happy Birthday, Jayne! Wish you always be so cool as you are!