Friday, 12 March 2010

Gearing up for Spring...time..Spinning !

Spot the snow......and the alpacas ..
The grass..has been a welcome sight !

Younger boys....and Norris....on the move ..

The weather has been quite kind over the last couple of days...mind you, its still very cold.

We have had a couple of lovely sunny days...and then back to bitter, its in between !!

I have been in touch with a very nice man, who sells and makes Bobbins. Regular readers will recall that my electric...spinning wheel, has only one bobbin. I am hopefully going to have some made...if all goes to plan. I should have three made...that will enable me to spin two up with yarn...then blend direct onto the other bobbin....which will make things much easier....hopefully I should have one spare....for that would be great...see its not an item of extreme torture...after all ...!!

If all goes to plan this will make my life much easier and I should be able to get on with spinning up larger quantities...of fleece...over the spring/summer.

Things are quiet here at the the back is still fragile !. so I'm just doing what I have to....I will catch up later on, when my back this time of year, there are plenty jobs to be getting on with.

I shall be having week, my parents are coming up to see my B' pending....and sadly I'll be another year older....!! and I hope another year wiser !!.. Hopefully they will stay for a couple of weeks and the company will be much appreciated....I'm sure that there will be plenty jobs on the list !!!