Wednesday, 17 March 2010

In Good Company.....A Birthday Cuddle !!

A Birthday cuddle....with Zeto.

Me and my friends .... enjoying the moment !
Some girls prefer a beauty treatment on their Birthday....!! mud.

If your coming to the have to have a Party Hat !!

A morning...welcome !

This is the second blog for today !!.....

I just thought that I'd take advantage of the fact that I have someone...else to point the camera... and record the Birthday....moment. The sun is shining and we're having an 'Alpaca Party'. We'll actually I'm enjoying the day as usual, with my alpacas and animals....and of course my parents who have came to visit.

So this morning....I got dressed up as usual in the designer overall !! and we enjoyed a little photo shoot !

I do have a nice Birthday cake ! to open a little later with a nice cup of tea !!


Ashdale Alpacas said...

Happy Birthday Jayne. Zeto is beautiful. We have just bought our first 'fancy'. Your photos got us hooked xxx

DUOart said...

We see,that work with Alpacas is getting you a lots of pleasure.Greetings from Poland!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Happy Birthday to Jayne and Zanzibah Alpacas.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Happy birthday!
Zeto is worth a hug every day, though ;-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thank-you, guys for all the lovely B'day wishes...the're much appreciated....Jayne