Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Alpacatastic !....what a Wonderful Day !

Minstrel.....she stole the show !....
Hao, Yojie, Anna and Shana...enjoying the day...Zaninni strikes his pose for the camera !!

Just checking the micron.....!!

Can you tell the difference between an Alpaca...and a Sheep !!

First time...admiring the alpacas in real life !!

It was an early start today for us at we had special visitors !

My visitors travelled from lands afar.....actually from China ! Ok, well they are living in Aberdeen ! they have been following my blog and Hao is studying at Aberdeen University, he came with his two friends, Shana and Yojie. I hope that I have the names right !

He is very interested in Alpacas and he has never meet any for real, so this was their opportunity to get up close and personal with them.

I must say at this point, I had a 'pep' talk with Minstrel....who promised to be on her best behaviour ! and she proved to be true to her word ......she stole the show ! When this girl is nice she is just too sweet for words ! and we had cuddles all round ...

Firstly we met the girls and the babies..then we had to inspect the younger boys and Norris...we did a little fleece comparison and....there sadly was no competition..for Norris..but don't tell him !...I don't want to hurt his far as he is concerned ....he's as good as the rest !

Then it was the time to do a little bit of halter work...the older boys are walked up to their field...and Hao...was really keen to lead Zorba....whilst Anna had her hands full with Zelqui and Socks !!....I went to the I was on camera duty at the time !

The sun was shining and this is the first really nice day...for over a week. Thankfully we were not like last week....under power cuts....with no....facilities !....I remember it well !!

After our little herd tour, we retired back to the house to talk Alpaca...we also inspected....Fleece, Knit ware and some Felting that I had.

There was fine food...well homemade soup and lashings of Tea !...washed down....a Huge slice of Cake !!...

After all this excitement it was time to take my guests back to get the Bus....home to Aberdeen, but before we did, we stopped off to see Anna's...pedigree herd of Hebridean Sheep and her little pet lamb....Lola ! Now she would make a lovely girlfriend for Norris ! when she grows up....!!

To round up the day...I think my visitors really enjoyed spending hands on time with the Alpacas, its marvellous just how enchanting these animals are and the effect they have on your human spirit....they really do have a knack of being able to put a smile on your face !!

Its been an Alpacatastic Day !!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Having visitors enjoy your herd is quite uplifting, and reminds you how special they are if you've forgotten with all the hard work, worries and grind of the winter -
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Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Sounds like you had a great day Jayne...sharing our alpacas is part of the pleasure of owning them ;0)

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Nightnite said...

That was a truely Alpacatastic day yesterday! I have sent our photos to my family and my little sister said she've love to hug them! Many thanks to Jayne and Anna. this is Hao ;) the tall chinese dude on pic.