Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Doing.....fine !!

Who's for kisses !
The sun may be shining...but its freezing....! friends...the weanlings and Duke are gettting along....just fine !!

What a reception.....last one to see me is ...... staying out !!

Duke and Zeto.....having a rest !

Just a couple of photos of the babies and Duke....after their eventful weekend..
Duke is settling in just fine and all the youngsters are getting on really well. The sun has been shining today..but don;t be fooled..its freezing !

On Tuesday night when I checked the boys and gave them their evening tea...I noticed that Zeuss's leg was swollen, he had a really nasty abscess last it was late I left it until the following day ! this time it had burst ! I am now treating this again. He has been really good...we had a bit of a do, with getting him to stand...but once he accepted that I was not going to hurt him...we managed to clean the area...trim a bit of I could see what I was doing and I have started him off with his antibiotics....but I think that once might take some time to get to the bottom of this ....just as well I can manage in a fashion...on my own !!....where there's a will....and so on !!

So here are some pictures of the just out and about.....starting to be a little bit independent.....and some of Duke...especially for hope you don't need the hanky !!!!