Saturday, 10 April 2010

All Boys Together !!

Zeuss is hiding behind Norris...
Norris is the Ref !....the pitch is better that the other field !!

Zerquo launches himself....onto Zelqui...who is behind...Zanubis...Socks is not getting involved in this sort of thing ! .... Boys !!

Yes, that's the gate..he's a right baby !.. the others are getting acquainted.

It has been such a lovely day, it has inspired me to take the giant step of introducing my younger boys...back with the adult males.

Regular readers will know, I introduced three of them last year, I had a great deal of trouble between Zorba and Zeuss, my two white males, unfortunately Zeuss spent most of his time humming and being persecuted by took 5 attempts to get them to accept each other. Then Zaninni had a nasty accident...I'm sure the male readers will remember it well.....OUCH ! This forced me to separate the young ones again, in order that Zaninni could have time to recover and company.

So, today was D-day ! As the weather has been lovely. This morning instead of putting the young ones and Norris in the big field...I stopped for a think and a ponder regarding my intentions...then I thought just get on with it and see what that's what I did !

I walked the younger boys up through the little weaning paddock..and they followed me quite happily ! We continued up the track to the entrance of the other field..this is where the older boys will summer this year all being well.... I just got the gate open and the older boys were over like a shot...I think they thought that there were girlfriends...visiting...sorry !!

A bit of a round, bit of argy-bargy so on and so forth..then as usual Norris is right in the centre of things....Zorba..Socks..and Zelqui...were amazed at this strange...woolly thing in their field..and didn't quite know what to make of him...but Norris was not going to be side-tracked...he's just interested in the grass !

Norris did referee for a little while then decided just to leave all the sorting out to the alpacas..who at the moment are still getting acquainted with each other... I do hope that this is the one and only attempt....not like last year !...Mind you,

Zeuss has being humming...again...and he did refuse to get involved with the others...he's such a baby, I can still hear him humming as I type this...if only he would just shut up and stop whinging.....I wouldn't mind but he's not the baby of the bunch that's Zanubis.....the grey !

I am keeping my fingers crossed for the harmony to continue and the reality of the fact that its time to grow up !....Big Boys Now !...

Dirty Stop Outs......we're out for the summer, unless..there is an change !

And I feel guilty when their all waiting at the gate ...tonight !!

:0)) x


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Hope they settle down and the boys get on this time round.

See you at the weekend!!!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

He He....Yes..You Will !!!!!