Sunday, 16 May 2010

Evening Stroll......

We still have our coat on up here !
Zanubis....out for an evening stroll....

Diesel and Zonda....are also out.....for an evening stroll

Zaninni....he just looks...good and can you spot Norris !!

Tremona and Trienza...enjoying the view

Last night I decided to go for an evening stroll around the wood with the dogs. It was a lovely evening and the wood is now 4 years old. Back in 2006 we planted up just under 6 acres of mixed broad leaf trees. It is fantastic to see just how this is starting to take shape. As it was such a severe winter everything appears to be behind for the time of year. The grass is just turning the corner...and remember the muck-spreading...well that has virtually all gone !

The trees are just starting to sprout into life and although some have been damaged by the winds, most of them are doing fine, there was approx 4500 trees planted to create this new woodland. So it was inevitable that some would not make it.

It is a fantastic feeling to be able to walk around your own little woodland, hopefully in years to come, I shall still be able to enjoy it, I want to be able to look back and say....'I remember when....this was planted ....' It might be little for now..but everything has to 'grow and great things take time ' .... as we all know.

After my lovely stroll....obviously it was time to take some alpaca photos.....I'm determined to enjoy my furry its getting nearer to shearing time once again..

I always have mixed emotions about shearing, I know the alpacas must feel relieved to get rid of all that fleece, especially in the hot weather, but I do love to see them in full fleece, then I have the delight of all that lovely fleece, my imagination just runs away with the thought of what I can create with all this....and the sight of freshly sheared alpacas.........Well that just takes a bit of getting used to !

But for now.......we are still under a big blanket of fleece, so we are enjoying it all the same.

Lets face it..its hardly a heatwave !


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