Friday, 21 May 2010

Norris has turned into Sponge Bob !!

Zerquo is not amused with Norris's new look !! thinking....Im not having that hair do !

Norris, must feel better with all that fleece off....

Zanubis has had a shower....

Norris....waiting for the hair dresser ..... 'what do you mean...they have been !

Well if you hadn't guessed it......Norris has a new look !!

Today, as it was so hot, I thought that I'd give Norris a new look. He has been struggling with the hot weather for the last couple of days...and I decided it was shearing time.
I have some electric clippers, I thought that I would use them, however when I went to change the blades over to clip him, I realised that they were the wrong ones !

So, I knew that I had some old hand shears...mind you they were all rusty and at one stage destined for the bin....but I decided that I might need them and hung them up in the shed....just as well I did because after I had sharpened them and give them a good wire brush...we went to fetch Norris.

By this time I had a helper, Anna had turned up to see me so she was roped in...we caught Norris and he was lead down to the building...where he grew he knew where he was and he was happy there.

At first Anna held him...and I began the task.....after a while, apparently a couple of hours we had a new look. Anna left for a smoke !! halfway through, whilst she was away. I decided to continue, Norris just stood like the perfectly behaved sheep in the whole wide world !!

He is a real star and I love him loads, when Anna came back she could not believe that Norris was standing untied and completely fantastic was that....and he has never been sheared before.

Mind you....I'm not advertising my shearing services just yet !!.....I don't care what he looks like, the whole purpose was to remove his fleece to cool him down.

As a plus....I have a whole bag of Norris's doubt I shall be spinning this...just for the love of it....I might make a lovely Norris Hat !!....

I know he was grateful.......But the Alpacas..........were not amused at his new hair dooooo !!

Typical of the has monsooned.......with thunder storms....ever since !!



Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

You can come and do my three if you like, they are all rather hot and all I have is the hand shears!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good job Jayne - I expect Norris preferred the quiet hand shears to clattering electric ones, even though it took longer. I can't wait to see 'what' or who, lies underneath Autumn Gold's fleece when she's shorn, as it'll be her first.

Rosemary said...

That's an excellent job! Norris looks great! He sounds like a very contented sheep.

Ashdale Alpacas said...

You've done a really good job on Norris. Sorry Jayne, I have a complaint. This blog is missing one thing. More close up shots of the gorgeous Zeto. I've been having to make do with spotting him in the background. You know I'm besotted with him.

Shirley said...

Hi Jayne, I suppose this makes Norris a 'cool' dude now then! He hasn't changed - we'd recognise him anywhere. Will you be doing styling soon? Well done. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

Josephina Finchworth said...

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