Sunday, 13 June 2010

Alpaca Quartet !! .. .. .. we made it !

The babies...back in the big field, with the girls ! All weaned now !
A slightly wet Zeto !

Zeto and Zakhura....these two are half brother and sister !

Phew...we made it all the way round here....none the worse after the halter training..a nice snack.

I have been rather busy today. I decided that today was the day to have a little re-arrange with the alpacas.

As it is over 8 weeks since the babies were weaned and Duke arrived ! It was time to re-introduce them back to the main herd of girls ! This is only a temporary measure for the boys anyway ! as soon as they become a nuissance they shall be moving again to the little paddock. The reason for this is two fold. To hopefully when the weather improves ! did anyone mention...summertime !! I am looking forward to spraying the weaning paddock with my new quad sprayer, to get on top of the weeds, Docks and Buttercups !

Just briefly on that note, I was reading Ashdale Alpacas and I read that, you have to keep your alpacas off the treated fields for up to 60 days ! which was a surprise to me ! apparently they can re-absorb the chemicals through their feet pads and this has been known to cause fatalities ! There is much documentation regarding this on a link there !! I intend to use Grazon and it clearly states that it is safe after a 7 day rest. However, this is designed for Hoofed animals.......not Alpacas !

So that is something worth....knowing !!

Anyway...back to my Alpaca Quartet !! Some regular readers will know that I have been doing a little halter training with my weanlings....I like to try and acquaint them with the halter and this leading lark !! This was the big test ! We had to walk around past the barn, up the track and into the little alpaca shelter..where the girls were waiting ! Its only about 300yds !

All halters were attached and after a bit of gentle persuading...we were off !! It was a bit stop-start.....not a smooth leading, but all in all everyone behaved very well considering, I was on my own ! Zienna was the lead, now up to now, she had sulked a little when wearing the halter. Zeto was the second best at leading closely followed by Duke and Zullulah. Duke did have a little sit down..until he realised that he was being left behind by the others...he quickly decided to get up and follow !

So, after we made it on our epic journey of 300yds round to the next door building, it was time to say hello...from the girls.

I have also used this opportunity to worm all my babies and girls for the summer months ahead. This time I have tried out Combinex a combined treatment for worms and Fluke. I think that this will be a good idea to be on the safe side.

Next on the agenda will be the boys. Then we are just waiting for the shearer to arrive. I hope he brings the summer with him !!

Unfortunately, there was no photo shoot of the we failed to recruit a cameraman !! so you shall have to make do..with just some of today in their new field ! Slightly wet I'll have you know !


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Sounds like a satisfying weekend's always good to get a few jobs off the list.

I have just got a sprayer for the quad as well. However this doesn't appear to be on my job list now, as it was when it down to doing it on foot!

Rosemary said...

I have enough trouble dealing with halter training one - three at a time? You are superwoman, Jayne!!!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Seeing as you're doing so well with halter training maybe I should send Star to you for some lessons!!! We still have no improvement.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Halter-training FOUR at a time! It sounds a bit like maypole dancing - have you untangled the lead-ropes yet? Sounds like a great achievement Jayne. I've spent hours lately cutting off the seed heads from Docks - just as well we've only got an acre and a quarter.