Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Winter update !!

The girls out grazing today....
Some of the older boys......one side of the field.....

The rest of the younger boys...over the other side of the field !

Zeto and Duke......in the baby paddock !!.......with a woolly friend !!

It has been quite frosty over the past couple of days......but its not cold enough to freeze the mud !! ...... :-(

We have had a bright wintry day today so I thought that I'd take the opportunity to take some up to date photos of the alpacas....out grazing this afternoon.

The grass has slowed down and at this temperature will definitely stop growing. Today I moved the cows down onto the 10 acre field for the winter, this is where they will stay until spring. This means if the winter is a bad one, I can manage to get to them with hay, lets hope its not as bad as last year !!

Thankfully Haggis is an old Gent and knows the route..he just slowly makes his way down to the new field and Dougal usually follows.

The alpacas appear to be well and hopefully are entering the winter months....in good health. The females are now about 4 months pregnant and we should be having new arrivals in June sometime.....its really quite strange how the days and year ticks on.


Rosemary said...

June will be an exciting time! We also have mud - lots of mud and lots of wheel spinning!!

Terry said...

I loved seeing your alpacas in their nice big pastures. It looks so peaceful there.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Where is all your mud Jayne...they look like lovely clean fields and lovely clean alpacas to me!!