Monday, 4 April 2011

Something is Stirring at the Bottom of the Garden !

Holly......has been out !!.......and survived the winter !
Some of the flowers in the garden......
I bet you didn't know there were Scotland !!
There is a pussy cat in my tea !!........
The garden......a sniff of Springtime, with the Daffodils !

It has been a lovely couple of days, over the weekend.

A mixture of sunshine and scattered showers.....the temperature has been gradually rising and there has been something stirring at the bottom of the garden !

Holly the Hedgehog...has been out to sniff the Spring time. I noticed today that I thought the straw at the entrance to her house had been disturbed, I had a good look round her little enclosure and I found signs of activity !

So Spring is definitely here....Holly has survived the winter and she is wakening from her hibernation. Isn't nature marvellous, I rang my mam today to give her the good we were all wondering if she would winter ok !

I took a few photos of the flowers in the garden today, the Daffodils certainly give a wonderful boost of colour at this time of year.

I have had an eventful weekend, with the usual mix of trials and tribulations ! At the moment I have two lame with a lamanitis flare up and the other has an occurrence of an abscess.....both are in box rest at the moment....locked in the barn....for company, as one will not stay in alone !

I have also been busy with some Alpaca Fleece sales.......just goes to show ...there is a demand for this luxury fibre.....

I have strained my shoulder tonight....trying to move a large bale of straw alone.....I think I have torn a muscle in I am typing with limited movement.....I'm hoping that it will ease for tomorrow.....or else I will need......looking after !!

The tractor was briefly broken for all of 24hrs.....I was intending to harrow a field..ready for spring....I had attached various attachments...climbed into and out of the tractor to get into the desired field.....and was all set to enjoy an evening of harrowing.....

Only to discover....the front loader was creeping up when I was driving up the hill to get to the field......I pulled the lever to stop it.....and it broke my hand.......and the loader continued to maximum lift....!! I couldn't harrow the field like I took it to the mechanics to be repaired.....and it is now fixed.....and back

So that looks like a job for another pending !

Maybe this rate ....I will need box rest.....or a little holiday !!

Its getting a busy time of year.......and you need your equipment to work.....I have lots of jobs on the 'to do list' .......just need to do them !!

Oh..well tomorrow's another day......


Terry said...

You made my day! I am so glad Holly survived the winter. Your flowers are so pretty.
I hope both horses feel better soon.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Isn't hibernation a wonderful thing, after such a harsh winter?

Rosemary said...

Glad to hear Holly is out - spring must really be on the way!
Try to rest the shoulder - I know, not easy when you have so much to do!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Your garden in looking great Jayne...I am sure Holly knows best but it isn't looking very spring like here this morning!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Isn't spring a wonderful thing, who would think anything would survive after such a hard winter. Your garden looks lovely and great new to hear Holly has survived the winter.

Hope the horses recover soon, I know what a pain it is when one wont stay in without the other!!