Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blowing a Gale...not a sprout in sight !!

Zorba, this summer.....with the boys !

Spot....TPT !....that is one mad Turkey !!

The cows...wind break ! bale they had wrecked it overnight, before it could be stacked !!

What a weekend.....gale force winds and sleet showers...just to remind you that we are nearly into December.

We have been battered by winds of up to was so windy on Saturday that I could not open the big barn door, when the wind is so strong I struggle with keeping a hold of it.

Thankfully today the wind had died down a little and I managed to get the door open.....this brings me onto an idea.....which will no doubt be on the 'to do list' very soon....

I'm going to make a pedestrian door, within one of the big barn doors....this will mean when its really windy, I won;t have to struggle with the big door. Which means the alpacas and me can get in and out without risking being blown away !

I have opened a couple of my haylage bales.....the horses have tried one bale, they loved it.

Yesterday, I used Ruby to put a bale out for the cows....who are as I type enjoying a nice bale of haylage.

It has turned out great, smells lovely and everyone even the alpacas seem to give it the seal of approval !

This was a bit of a trial, which seems to have paid off....we have about 70 bales to use, so there is plenty to go around. I hope to do more of the same next year, as not only is it much better for Molly my horse with the dust means that I don't have to use part of the barn to stack it....which gives me more room for the animals.

Winter is well and truly here......and we are hopefully as prepared as can be.

I have noticed that Zorba has been off colour lately...he has just been not right, I have been watching him, and he has been spending lots of time....just lying in the field......he is still eating well.....but tonight....I suspect he has an infection, in the gentleman's department.....after monitoring have given him an anti-biotic injection...which I hope will make him much more comfortable....I'm hoping to see a big improvement in him tomorrow....he is a lovely boy.....very kind natured, he let me tie him up tonight to check him over and give him his injection.......its times like this...I'm grateful for having the facilities that I have.....the barn, the light....and well....when you know your just know when they're not well.

I hope that he is much more comfortable tonight !


Ashdale Alpacas said...

Glad you survived the bad weather. Pics are great.

Ashdale Alpacas said...

Yeh, Google finally let me comment.

Terry said...

The weather sounds horrid! I hope Zorba gets well soon.

Shirley said...

Great news that the haylage turned out well! Take care in this windy weather. Shirley & Robbie

Rosemary said...

Hold on to that door! . . . or you will be floating over the hedge rows like Mary Poppins!