Friday, 6 April 2012

Grand Designs ....who lives in a house like this ?

Zoretah last out in the snow !

The start of the task ..... this week !

Fiddler on the roof ! .....

Zeto tucking into the hay .... in the snow ! Just for his fan club ! ... Irene !!

Nearly finished ..... who lives in a house like this ????

We have had a very busy week what with one thing and another....the snow has finally gone, after 4 days of what turned out to be quite a descent amount for this time of the year !

I have spent all week working on my project.....I had a bit of a challenge to complete before Saturday, when my special delivery ...turn up !

I am not quite finished, although I have managed to get most of the transformation completed, I still have a rear door to sort out and the roof to clad and paint...then it will be completed.

So here are a few photos of this weeks task, all the alpacas are fine and have spent some of the week both inside and out. They were quite surprised on Monday to see just how much snow had fallen over night....Zoretah had to be persuaded out by me....she was not happy about walking out onto the snow....but with a good push from me, she managed to catch up with the others as they made their way out on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is another busy day with the delivery and I have to go and get some fixings for the roof and a pot of paint.

I have been doing a spot of recycling, using up various bits of wood, that I had already, so this new house has cost me very little indeed....its been a good excuse to tidy up the barn in the process....

All being well ..... there should be an update tomorrow !!


Judi B said...

Ooh, how exciting, whatever can it be? Look forward to learning!

Terry said...

A very nice house for someone! No clues? Guess we'll have to wait.