Monday, 2 April 2012

SNOW !!!!!!!!!!

Tonight....what a difference a week makes !

Red hot last week.........snow tonight !

The young boys waiting to come in tonight ..... slightly snowy !

The older boys ...... gathering tonight as the snow begins to fall !

The girls, this evening .. ... sheltering

Well the weather forecast was correct, as predicted...tonight we are under a white blanket of snow.....its still falling and is a good 4" to 6".

They predicted we would have snow by 4pm and for a change they were bang on with their prediction....the alpacas were out today and as the snow began to fall....they began to make their way over to the gates...and wait patiently, for me to arrive and put them to bed !

What a world away from last week's fencing frenzy.......we were sweltering working on the fencing last week...who would believe the change, in such a short time.

We always seem to get what I call a lambing storm, just as the lambs arrive. So the start to April is snow and plenty of it by the looks of things.

The Daffodils are drooping under a white blanket of the white stuff.....

What a relief to get the fencing finished, before the arrival of the snow.

Its time to take advantage of all those inside jobs....I have a bit of a mission to complete before Saturday.....all will be revealed later, providing I manage to complete my task !

At this rate...I'm wondering if I might have to get my snow-chains out !!


Terry said...

It's the same here, Jayne! We were in t-shirts and in the mid 70s yesterday, and today we have high winds and snows. 4-8" expected tonight. So glad you got the fencing done before the weather changed.

Judi B said...

We still have the sunshine but are forecast snow on Wednesday! It's incredible how quickly it changes! Keep warm!

Shirley said...

Hope you managed to get your sledge out! Up to the welly-tops here first thing this morning. This was an 'amber' warning from the Met Office - I wonder what a 'red' one would bring. Stay warm. Shirley & Robbie

Jeff and Sheila said...

What is wrong with our British climate?? Weird!! Stay warm.