Monday, 14 May 2012

Piggy in the Middle !

 Norka the porka  ...... enjoying a sunbathe after his walk today !
 Dash for home .... after their walk around the wood !
 Duke coming to see me ..... with the boys today
 The view to the little boys .... from the seat in the wood
Zerquo and the big boys ... grazing whilst the sun is shining !

Today for a brief moment the sun was out and as usual we all went for a walk round the wood.  The piggies are growing fast and take the dog walk into another dimension !

I have taken these photos today on my phone, the alpacas are all well fleeced at the moment, but not for much longer, as we are due to sheer in a couple of weeks. I do hope the weather improves soon.

I'm hoping to get a new camera soon, as the old one broke a few months will mean I can take some better quality photo's for the blog.

The piggies are always in a rush to get back home and there is a race up the track back to bed, which is really funny as they all race at top speed !! 

We have been asked to attend a charity event in June which should be nice, I shall be taking some of the alpacas and the Kune Kunies !!  I'm hoping the weather will be on its best behaviour for the day.

My parents are coming up to help with the day out, I think it will be a nice opportunity to show case the alpacas, piggies and a selection of my Dad's hand crafted Walking Sticks.  I was hoping that the alpacas would still be fully fleeced, but it is looking like we will be all sheared by then.  I shall have to take the fleeces with us, in a basket ....I don't think people realise just how wonderful their fleece really is !!  unless you have managed to experience the 'feel' of the fibre !!

I have also managed to sort my fleece out,  and send some off for processing into yarn.  I am quite excited to see the finished result as this will be the first time I have managed to send a selection off for spinning. 

The long term goal is to have a variety of yarns, raw fleece and quality hand crafted knit ware from 'House of Lady Zanzibah Fashions' for sale,  ......... this is the long term plan and Rome wasn't built in a day !  We are getting there.....

I still hold a vision .... it is starting to take shape..... mind you it has been a bit blurry on occasions !


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

You can't beat a 'vision' to give you a reason to get up in the mornings can you Jayne? that, and the menagerie of animals who wait on your breakfast deliveries!

Terry said...

The pigs sound adorable, and Duke is looking very handsome.
I hope the pond work is back on track.

Mark said...

I love those pigs! Keep the faith with the vision, one day it will be there!