Saturday, 12 May 2012

Storm Clouds are Gathering !

We have had a sunny day here today, which makes a pleasant change.

However tonight the storm clouds are gathering, we are forecast strong winds and more rain....this has got to be the most miserable May I can remember....for several reasons....I feel like there is a large storm cloud hovering over me !

I have some nice news, I have managed to hatch some chicks from Big Bertha and my Black Orpington cockerel, we have managed to get 4.  Today I moved them into a larger area where they can run around, the broody that has hatched them is not their real mother, however she is a lovely Orpington Buff hen.

Tonight I took the piggies for a walk, this is now a regular feature and we usually end up going round the bottom of the woodland that was planted.  The wood is now 6 years old and is starting to leaf up after the cold start ....its lovely to see it starting to take shape.

All the alpacas are tucked up for bed as the weather is due to take a turn for the worse overnight....this looks like the first time I have not managed to turn them out before this rate, they will be coming in for bed through out May....if the weather does not get a grip !!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Keep your chin up!

The chicks are lovely, I want to hatch some ducks.

As for shearing, we are doing it on Wednesday so I think everyone will be in from tomorrow just to make sure they are dry!!

Barbara Hetherington said...

This miserable weather does nothing to lift the spirits...chicks and cria to look forward to...and surely some sunshine sometime soon!

Rosemary said...

The weather has been dire - hope it improves soon for you.
Lovely chicks - and cria to look forward to soon.

Shirley said...

The Orps are lovely hens aren' they? We bred some years ago, not the most frequent layers, but lovely nature. Now we've got Hunkey Dunkey the Buff Orp cockerel and he has a lovely nature too. Hope you are keeping well - this miserable weather doesn't help! Take care. Shirley & Robbie